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Krypteia or BBB for Size?

Looking to try and gain some size. Im torn between these two programs. They are pretty similar but i really like the structure and layout of Krypteia. But woud BBB still be the preferred program for size focus?


Or Building the Monolith.

Krypteia phase 2, the leader phase, is a BBB program but with specific assistance programmed in as supersets.

Krypteia has everything in BBB minus the ohp but you do 10-12 sets of dips instead every week.

Do you have the books? There are bullet points at the top of each program that say what it’s best at. In all honesty, size is going to be largely dependent on how you eat. I’m currently running something similar to Krypteia (but I wouldn’t call it Krypteia specifically due to changes) and I lost weight the first few weeks and gained the next few. Ran the same program but adjusted food intake. Just pick either or any template, hit it hard and eat to gain mass.

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Krypteia -with that style of training/giant sets you can really push the calories and not get fat(obviously dont eat like a total asshole)