Krypteia Inseason

Hello Jim,

First of all I wanna thank you for your Trainings philosophy which is a steady companion for my last 3 years. I`m absolutely in love with your working ethnics and it helped me slowly and steadily to increase my Strength.

I’m playing rugby in the second league in germany now. And my sucess on the field and espacially my mostly injury free time i tribute to the “armour building” you thaught me with your principles. In Addition to that my gains in explosivness and strength helped me being a force in the tackle/scrum and the go to man for lineout jumping/lifting. Right now Im playing as a third row forward. So lots of running and lots of contacts .

In my first inseason i followed your two days splitt and it worked wonders. Since then i adapted a third day with some olympic lifts ( i trained at a weightlifting facility for 3 years so i learned the techniquce for the Clean and snatch grip high pulls) - Its hard for me to stay out of the gym.

Im working full time as an engineer and have limited time. Thats why im absolutely in love with your Krypteia system. It worked wonders and decresed my time spent in the gym. In a regular week im in the gym on Mon,Wen And Fridays. On Tuesday, Thursday is practice and on Sarturdays we normaly got Match Days (if not im Sprinting). Sunday is easy conditioning (rowing, joogin, swimming).

For the upcoming season i would love to stick with the krypteia system and continue training on Fridays aswell. After listening to your speech at elitefts (Dave Tate) : “Knowing your Trapdoors” Know the Trapdoors of Your Training Program - Jim Wendler | - YouTube. I`m curious about the change your talking about cutting out the Squat inseason. How would that change the inseason Teamplate? Btw i never had any issues working out on fridays and playing the 80 minutes on saturday with 100%.

.Cheer Simon

P.s: Thanks to all the effort and your principles I made it to the selection side this year against a really strong pool of people (ex national players) and got a phone call to play for a team in a higher league.

I’m not Jim, obviously, but cutting out the Squat would mean you train weights twice a week with the TB Deadlift and the bench press.


Thank you for the kind words and congratulations on your success. As for your question, all we do is not do the “squat day”. So we have a trap bar day AND a bench press day. The volume on the trap bar work is limited; how much is entirely determined by the team and the individual. Bench press and it’s volume is the same as the off-season.

Assistance is limited and again, depends on the readiness and the individual. Generally, we do 20 total reps of DB squats and DB SLDL. For the rows/presses - we keep it between 30 and 50 total reps/movement.

Understand that the J.V. team does “regular” trap bar/bench press Krypteia workouts.

We also will be doing recovery “Yoga” work the rest of the season; we are now 7 games deep and recovery is paramount to greatness. Also, because we all suck at Yoga (and I’m being totally serious here) it is a huge team building period.


sorry for this dump question, but do you mean 20 reps for the total workout or 20 reps per set? And how many sets of 20 reps if you ment 20 reps for one set?

And how many sets and reps for the DB SLDL?

Thank you!

20 rep sets would make zero sense.

20 total reps/workout. Generally 2x10 or so.

We don’t go crazy with this so most kids do:

1x10 @ 100lbs
1x10 @ 150lbs

Hey Jim,
Thank you for your detailed response - now everything becomes a lot clearer how you structure krypteia in the inseason.

This current cycle I am on a training from work thats why I dont have access to a trap bar so i gonna change it up in two weeks time. Afterwards the squat day gets cut.

In genereal we got 7 games per half of the season and sometimes we got a break on the weekend - so on weeks i have the saturday off I gonna go for the Original Krypteia Template.
And with games on the weekend i dialy back to
Monday - Trapbar day with 5x5 FSL
Wendsday - Bench day with 10x5 FSL
Friday - My olympic lifiting day (this one i kept for the last 10 months and i never had issues on friday recovering)

Firday is pretty easy on the weight and volume:
Clean from hang 3x1-4 (SS with throws)
Snatchgrip high pull 3x5 (SS with bottom Up Kettlebell press - helped my instable shoulder)
Some Dips and Chins
and some easy rowing on the ergometer.

Another thing im quiet curious about is that in your talk your guys lifted and afterwards went straight for sprinting/running.
The bench day I finish at maximum 35 minutes - Do you think its overkill to do a small rowing session when I still got time? (Im speaking about some medium intensity intervalls 30Work 15pause for maximum of 6 Minutes)

As a third row forward I always try to get some condtitoning in - Cause I literally need and WANT to be everywhere on that pitch! That being said Krypteia is a Revelation to me and up till now hands on I never loved a programm as much as this one. Thank you so much for getting 5/3/1 to a whole new level that works wonders for me as an athelete!

I have no idea - in-season training is incredibly tricky and the goal is to be at your very best during games. It’s NOT to be a weight room warrior.

It’s 100% impossible to train someone for a sport without being with them full-time. As stated 10000000 times, what you do in the off-season determines what you do in the in-season. So use your best judgement and remember that THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS PERFORMANCE.

I gonna stick with the basic Krypteia programm for the rest of the season. And maybe look how well i respond to some minor rowing afterwards in the upcoming offseason.

In the lineout we need to lift our players in an OHP position - the only thing I’m a little worried is the lack of OHP in the long run. Have you tested doing DB OHP instead of the Dips/incline press as an assistance exercise?