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Krypteia Inseason, Replacing Lifts

I believe I have good reason for every one of these, but I wanted to run it by others to hear others’ thoughts. For the record, I’m no powerlifter, nor am I a competitive athlete in school. But I am still an athlete at heart, certainly more than a lifter. I don’t care about my main lift numbers, I just want to get stronger, and I certainly feel theres a very big difference between having strength and displaying strength. This is my philosophy and much of my training revolves around this philosophy. Please keep this in mind during your replies.

Inseason, I will be running a 2 day split of krypteia, DL day and Bench day

  1. DLs will be trap bar
  • I’ve always like trap bar more and the leverages feels a lot better. I’m always in a terrible position when I pull from the floor with a straight bar
  1. Bench will most likely be floor pressing, might do incline, not sure
  • I don’t have the best back and the arch in the bench bothers me sometimes. I see no reason not to do this. Thinking about replacing incline DB bench with flat DB bench if I do this. Or I could do both incline and floor press, one as a main lift, one as supplemental. I just haven’t decided but I’d like to hear others’ thoughts.
  1. Assistance will be kept to 2-3 sets
  • I compete in leagues, but the schedule isn’t consistent, nor is my practice, so I want to adjust volume the day of by feel or based on if I know I have any upcoming matches,
  1. Belt squat instead of goblet squats
  • This is the one I’m the least certain about. My reason for this is that for goblet squats, I feel that I don’t build strength in my legs because my position is so shit, I cave in all the time. It becomes more of an upper back exercise than a lower body exercise. In addition since I am not barbell squatting, it becomes even more important that I have a lower body stimulus. I’m a big believer in training your weaknesses, and that would be the only reason to keep goblet squats, because I round my upper back. HOWEVER, I really only see this as an issue if I care about my squat numbers. I believe I will have a much tougher stimulus for my lower body with the belt squat than with the goblet squat.


What is your sport(s)?

I play tennis mainly.

It’s impossible to tell you what to do in-season without coaching you during the off-season…AND…evaluating you prior to each training session.

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” - Mike Tyson

Also sums up all of training - that is why you must keep a training log and why experience matters.

Could you explain this concept to me? I’ve heard it, never quite understood it.

From my experience, I’ve programmed fairly high volume in the offseason. I notice when I go inseason and drastically reduce volume, my strength goes down significantly (honestly, within 4 ot 6 weeks, it’s as if I never even lifted in the offseason). I would think that an athlete that does high volume offseason should program higher volume inseason, but that almost takes the point out of inseason training.