Krypteia for Old Guys?

Let’s see if I can post this without giving away any top-secret information…

I’d read so many great things about the Krypteia program that I had to buy the new Forever book to check it out for myself. While I was reading through it, I got very excited as it is pretty much exactly how I like to train myself; very basic and very little variety. I like to stick with a few things for a long time. I have just been getting into super-setting assistance with mains and I’m loving it. It almost makes the main lifts seem easier as I go through the workout.

Imagine my dismay when I got to the very end of reading the Krypteia program and it said, “not recommended for power lifters and older guys”. I do understand how this could be a tough program for us old guys to recover from.

Now I’m not saying I wasted my money because there was a TON of other useful stuff included in the book. Seriously, everybody that reads this forum needs to buy this book.

After reading all the information in the book a few times, I started thinking that I could probably make something “like” the Krypteia program work for this 54 year old body with a few (get ready for it…) MODIFICATIONS (…gasp). I was thinking I could use SLFBBB (cryptic enough?) for the squat and bench and 3x5 FSL for Deads. This would significantly reduce the overall intensity and volume of the program. Am I way off base here?

I may be older but I still want to keep kicking butt.

Lastly, I want to absolutely thank you for the “old guy” idea of combining easy conditioning with recovery work into one session. That is Brilliant!

I’m 39 and I completed all 3 phases of Krypteia. I changed the BBB percentages in phase 2 for my squat to 55, 60, and 65 instead of FSL. In the anchor, I changed the 5x5@FSL in the squat to 5x3 in the anchor. I lost about 8 pounds over the 3 phases without trying to lose weight. I did the Kyrpteia after completing Building the Monolith. Using the Krypteia I hit two PRs in the squat, 385x10 and 405x7. How’s that for an “old guy”?


Thanks Marc4497, that is very helpful. I see you kept the amount of sets the same but reduced the intensity or reps, I like that idea too. Did you make similar adjustments to the Deadlifts?

I’m about half way through Phase 2 of it, and love the program. The BBB sets are tough when really pushing challenging assistance work, but totally doable. I’m 43, and have been training hard for quite a while so it’s definitely challenging but is certainly doable for someone older that has trained for some time.

Minor modifcations: For the BBB sets in phase 2 I have used 60% rather than FSL, and I do 5x5 rather than BBB for the DL’s in phase 2. I can’t handle that volume of deadlifting and also play sports/do other active things throughout the work.

I would say my results have been great. I would advise to prioritize mobility and easy conditioning at your age, and not be afraid to dial down the percentages on the BBB sets on phase 2. Just get the work in for those.


Thanks for the info guys.
Can’t wait to see what you guys think when you hit your 50s. Lol.
Training in my 30s was glorious. Training in my 40s was grand. Training in my 50s is a whole other animal. The wheels fall off at around 52 years old… Wait for it…

I did not make adjustments to the deadlifts. I recover from those without issue (no soreness ever from deadlifts, even at high volume). Squats are the only movement that can lay me up for a week.

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Any other +45yrs lifters have success with Krypteia or variations?


Training in my 30s was glorious. Training in my 40s was grand. Training in my 50s is a whole other animal. The wheels fall off at around 52 years old… Wait for it…

+1 for this…

You can pretend you are still young right through your forties, then…

I’m 54 and have run it twice, as written. No issues. For whatever that’s worth.

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