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Krypteia for Offseason Strength and Conditioning


I was wanting some advice on how to implement the krypteia program for a group of around 50 athletes. We usually try to hit the big four lifts squat, bench, incline, cleans/DL three times a week. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Have them do the program? I don’t understand the question.


You are very calm for the interesting question posed. I don’t know how you do it…day after day, after day.


We have a 45 minute period. three kids to a group, 4 benches, 4 racks, etc. Unless I interpreted the book wrong, it seems that doing the bench workout alone would take 45 minutes? Should I scale it down so that all groups will hit all 4 lifts? Is that logical? Sorry about the interesting question…

I would imagine having enough racks to rotate the athletes through would be the big issue.

Divide in groups. Stagger start times.

What 4 lifts? I’m so confused. Your entire training program is going to be based on the equipment and time you have access to. 4 racks and 50 kids doesn’t bode well. So maybe some squat, some dead and some bench. 4 kids per group; teach them HOW to train and what is expected.

Start light/progress slow isn’t just about programming. It’s a life and coaching philosophy.

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I’m sorry for the confusion guys…
4 stations of bench press, 4 stations of squat, 4 stations of DL/powerclean, 4 stations of incline. We also have a station for lat pulls, pec deck, leg press, GHR, leg curl/leg extension, neck machine.
So that adds up to 12 kids on bench, 12 on squat, 12 on cleans/DL, 12 on incline, and the rest on the “auxiliary stations” Once they finish, we rotate them to the next station (bench to squat, squat to incline, incline to cleans, etc. This gives us about 5-6 minutes per station.

I guess my question is would it be wise to adapt a certain program in Jim’s books to fit the needs of the time I have with the athletes. Maybe a 5’s pro at 85% t.m.? or any other version?

Thanks for your patience.

As you layed it out, I would recommend another program.