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Krypteia for a Cut

Hi there

I am currently doing programs from Tactical Barbell (currently MASS, followed by Strength/Operator again).

Now I plan to do a cut during the summer 2019. I intended to do this with a full cycle of Krypteia. Has anybody done this before? Any tipps?

I’m doing this now. I’ve finished the 6 weeks prep and a 1 week deload. This week is my first week with the 5x10 sets instead of 5x5. I don’t have as much energy, but in the last 7 weeks I’ve dropped 4.3kgs out of the 6kgs I was planning. I get plenty of rest, eat cleanly and haven’t needed more than 40 minutes for the workouts.

My main advice would be to be conservative with your training max. I kept mine the same as the template I was following just before Krypteia and it’s hard work but very doable (85%). Follow Jim’s advice about when to go easy on the assistance and when to push it - it’s very good advice. Lastly enjoy it, it’s a great template

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How is it working so far @blbsss1963?

It was knocking me around - I was trying to lose weight so I was eating less as well. I’m lucky that I have a very conservative training max and that I hit my goal weight last weekend. I’ve increased my kilojoules per day and I have more energy so I hope that means the next couple of weeks go well.

I definitely recommend the program for people who want to improve their conditioning. Although I’ve been fatigued, my endurance at my other activities has improved. Also, only needing to spend 45 minutes on the program each time is great

low volume workout, rest day, clean eat is the best thing to do ! feeling great everyday