Krypteia "Easy Conditioning" Include Jumps and Mobility?

Hai everyone,

I just finish krypteia this week, (Amazing), but didn´t had time for easy conditioning, just my 3 lifting days and that´s all. (regardless i lost 5 fat kg…) the thing is that am gonna have more time, so i would like to do cardio this time.

So, next monday am gonna reset krypteia again, but my big question is these one…

the 2-3 days easy conditioning include the agile 8 and the jumps?

my program looks like these:

Monday: Krypteia lifting… (agile 8, 10-15 jumps)
Tuesday: Bike (40 min) (And agile 8 & 10-15 jumps) ?
wednesday: Krypteia lifting (agile 8, 10-15 jumps)
thursday: Bike (40 min) (And agile 8 & 10-15 jumps) ?
friday: Krypteia lifting… (agile 8, 10-15 jumps)

thank you all…

By the way, what a program! i loved krypteia, my best increase was the deadlift, am really very happy with the results.

p.d. excuse me for my english, is not my native lenguage.

On easy conditioning days, do mobility but skip jumps/throws.

I’ve run it twice over the past year, and will finish up the second time next Monday. That said, there can be some things to consider doing it a second time. I really pushed weighted pull ups as the assistance, doing 5x10 with 35 lbs added. Eventually, this has cause a bit of tennis elbow pain and have since switched to chest supported rows. I have also switched the DB presses for weighted dips, as the pressing (when also doing barbell BP) started to be too much for me. These are both given as options in the book, but I had stuck with only weighed pull us and pretty heavy DB presses.

Good luck! I think biking is a fine choice for conditioning. I use the airdyne, regular bike, jogging, and soccer for assistance.

Thank you!

yes, i also do dips and chin-ups, hey and what about the facepulls? sometimes i do 150-200 each lifting day, do you consider doing facepulls every lifting and conditioning day?

Yes, I try to do face pulls most days. Either these or pull aparts. I don’t count either towards “assistance”, and do them on training or conditioning (or even rest) days.