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Krypteia: Dragging Out the Program?

Hi, I am a varsity rower. I row on the weekends, leaving only Mon-Fri for my lifts. I have been running 531 for the past 4 years, alternating between various programs depending on my needs.

So for the upcoming year, my school workload is going to be at its highest, leaving me little time for the gym during the weekdays. Thus, I am planning to run Krypteia. I had ran Krypteia 2 years back and really enjoyed the circuit element of the program which benefitted my conditioning. Back then, my school workload was moderate and so I could do 3 sessions a week as followed. However, I don’t think I can do the same this year with my workload. I think I am only able to do 2 sessions a week.

I’ve read that there is a 2 day/week variation which involves Trap-bar DL and Bench. However, I might be running this program for 6-9months. I’m afraid my form will get wonky if I don’t Squat/DL for that long. So i was wondering if it’s possible to keep them in the program by running the original krypteia program but drag it out over 1.5 weeks instead?

______Day 1 _______Day 2
Week 1: Sq ________Bench
Week 2: DL ________Sq
Week 3: Bench______DL
Week 4: Sq ________Bench

So 1 cycle will take 4.5 weeks instead of 3.

I am worried that I am shooting myself in the foot by doing this. Is it better off running the Trap Bar DL + bench variation instead?

Thanks in advance for the help!

If you break it down, each day would by:

Squat (with DB bench + weightedd pull ups)
Bench (with goblet squats + SLDL)
DL (with weighted dips + weighted pull ups)

So, assuming you’re using the above assistance or similar, you would still be hitting squats at least once a week (barbell or goblet), bench or pressing at least once a week (BP, or weighted dips), and DL (TB or SLDL). I think this would be fine, general program to run 2X a week as you prioritize sports and/or classes.

I think Jim talks about the 2 day variation here, and how it worked for his athletes.

He talks about their results when they go back to another programme. There’s 4 vids, worth listening too. Apologies if you don’t get what you’re after.

Use trap bar deadlifts and bench. Don’t worry about squats for a while.