Krypteia: DB Squat/SLDL Questions

For the DB squats in the Krypteia program. Is one supposed to hold one dumbbell in each hand? If yes - would it be reasonable to use the same weight for both exercises (their the other one is DB SLDL w/ shrug)?

For the DB SLDL w/ shrug - should straps be avoided?

It’s a goblet squat, so just one dumbbell. For the SLDL hold one in each hand. For the weight, you need to do something that really pushes you. It’s up to you to find the right weight to make sure you’re putting the work in, but you still need to be able to get your 10+ reps in and still finish the work in 45 minutes. I think somewhere Jim talks about some of his kids that have ~200lb squats using a minimum of 85lbs for the goblet squat.

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Thank you! Do you know if (Jim recommends that) straps should be avoided for the SLDL?

The SLDLs are for your hams and posterior chain, not your forearms. If you can grip it, then grip it, but if your grip is going to prevent you from getting any reps in, then use straps.

i just increase the reps with less weight

Unless you are injured, man up and get stronger hands/grip. The DB SLDL’s are NOT maximal in any way/shape/form.


Is the DB SLDL shrug at the end, is this depending on the weight you can strict shrug and hold or is it more a momentum thing. Should i drop the weight making the SLDL easier so i can do strict shrugs?

Have you tried if you can do strict shrugs with a weight that you can also grip w/o straps for all sets? For me - I think - it would not be a problem.

I don’t have the book handy but there’s no need to over-complicate this–a failing of mine.
Hold two dumbbells, do a SLD and then a shrug at the end of each rep. 5-7 sets of 10 as assistance are not difficult. If your grip is a problem then you’re using waaaaay too much weight. Remember, there’s a time component here too, so that should limit the weights you choose also.
I did the program and loved it. A great change of pace.