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Krypteia - Curious about Press


Hi Jim,

I just got the new book and am excited to give Krypteia a try. It looks perfect for me as written.

I am just curious, did you experiment with dropping bench and keeping the press at all?

Is that something worth exploring after running parts 1-3 exactly as written or would that be a waste of time?


The Krypteia Phase 2 & 3

Damn you Chris for having the book already. Mine finally entered Canada at 6:27am this morning and I can barely wait to crack into it. Like an impatient kid on Christmas Eve.

Not helpful at all, just sayin’.


Ha! Ya, I spent most of last night and this morning working through some of it.


It took me about 4 years of work for Krypteia - you can see the beginning of the program in the Beyond book.

Whatever you can think of, I’ve already thought of, done and refined. Do the program.


I figured as much. Thanks, Jim.