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Krypteia Assistance Work Warm-ups

Question for everyone.

After the first workouts you pretty much know how much weight you will be using for you assistance work. After that do you warm up to that weight or just begin the session using your work weight?

You would do the warmups as needed.

The warm-up on Krypteia that I found worked best for me was:
Agile 8
(skipped jumps because of an injury)
10x Goblet squat
10x Incline press
10x DB SLDL w/ shrug
10x Incline row

With 2/3 of the assistance work weights, then the barbell lift of the day superseted with assistance as the program describes.

Here’s what I did:

There are 11 sets you are doing of the main lift (3 warm ups, 3 working sets, and 5 supplemental sets). You are supersetting with two exercises, say it’s weighted pull ups and incline DB press. After the first main lift set, I do 5-10 light reps with both assistance moves. Then, after the second set on the main lift, I start alternating the two as prescribed. This works great because this way you get in an even number of sets with each assistance, and for some reason is mentally a nice way to start the work out.

Note that this is after mobility and jumps/throws, so this is plenty of warm up to start really pushing the assistance after that.

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