Krypteia and Abs Exercises

I have been doing the Krypteia program for the last couple months and have had great results. One thing i was curious with.
Why is there no direct ab work? Are we supposed to do ab work on this program? After the workouts ive always been pretty beat, was thinking of doing some leg raises and sit ups on a couple off days.

Since you’ve been doing it for a few months and know how your body reacts to this type of training, it should be ok to add in some direct ab work. I asked Jim this very question when the program came out and he told me to do the program as written. As you have been following the program for a while, only you know what you can and cannot handle - so do what you think will work best for you.

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Was about to comment the same thing as @marc4497. You have to remember that 5/3/1 is a methodology and Krypteia is a template. Do what you feel you need to do after you’ve given it a good run through once or twice.

The only thing I would advise against after adding things would be doing a write up and saying something like “The program was good, but my abs were always sore and under recovered doing it” after you add in ab wheel for example.

Ok cool thank you. I will continue exactly like in the book without ab work, since everything is working out good. I have a tendency to overdue training and get injured.


IMO fine to tack on 5 mins on one, even 2 days a week. -If been doing for a few months your work capacity will now be very high so will adapt quickly.
Alpha/Brian Alsruhe’s programs are similar to krypteia and he includes ab work every session with great feedback

Where can I find the program from Brian Alsruhe? I´m interested in this program… Thanks for your help

He’s got a bunch on his YouTube channel.

Has a log on this site…

this a good example (and some principles of 5/3/1)…