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Krypteia 3 Times a Week?


Hi guys

Simple question (see title). Only for phase 1.

Solution 1:

Doing one training week in 9-10 days

Solution 2:

Skipping the Press also in phase 1.

What would you do guys?


Pick a 3-Day template.


Phase 1 is the prep phase, which is meant to acclimate you to the difficulty of assistance prescribed in the program. Therefore, I don’t think it really matters which of the two you choose. Obviously solution 1 means the prep phase will take longer, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Having done it, I would prefer Solution 1. Why? It will mean a little more variety as you progress through the phases (with the press included). But that’s just me and not necessarily the “better” option.


Thanks antiquity. I am always afraid about “not squatting at minimum once a week”. But I think the assistance will help me with this!


Did you follow through?

Option 1 is technically in line with the forever book, although Jim has also stated to not change anything in krypteia, but at worst wouldn’t you think one would have a better chance to push harder if better recovered? Just speculations though.