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Kruschev Prophecy US and Communism


The communist tyrant, Nikita Kruschev, made a chilling prophecy about America to Ezra Taft Benson, former member of Eisenhower's cabinet. Has the prophecy been fulfilled? Can it be stopped?

by Jake Morphonios
(conservative libertarian)
Thursday, March 6, 2008
The only good way to govern our country is by following the guidelines set by our founding fathers. They revolted against mother England for far less tyranny than Americans live under today. Once upon a time, it was just the commies, marxists, and facists from other countries that posed a threat to our nation. Then these factions infiltrated our own country and took over the Democratic party. And since the rise of George W. Bush, the socialist agenda of the Democrats has infected and overtaken the Republican party. There are few true conservatives and constitutionalists left in American politics.

I remember reading a story told by Ezra T. Benson, who served as the Secretary of Agriculture during the Eisenhower administration. The leader of the Soviet Union, Nikita Kruschev (who followed Stalin) was going to visit the U.S. and Benson was ordered by Eisenhower to give Kruschev a tour of some of our agricultural facilities. With great reluctance, Benson agreed to do as requested by the President.

During the tour Kruschev remarked to Secretary Benson that communism would eventually consume democracy. Benson replied that Americans would never accept such a drastic change in their form of government as communism. Kruschev then told Benson that it was already beginning to happen.

He said that Americans were being fed one small bite of communism at a time, and that over the course of several years, Americans will have accepted so many communistic ideals, including a massive and uncontrollable federal government, that one day we would wake up to discover that we are a democracy only in name - that our policies and methods of government will be communist in nature. Kruschev concluded that it will be the slow injection of socialist/communist principles into America - not nuclear missiles - that would destroy our nation.

I look around at what happened to my country during the Clinton years, and I am saddened. I look at the accelerated rate of out of control government growth since Bush took office, and I am sickened.

Let me ask you something. When you woke up this morning, did you wake up in the republic of our founding fathers, a socialist-democracy that has lost its way, or under a fascist regime hell-bent on spreading its imperialist control over other nations by brute force? Just what is the United States of America? Are we Reagan's "shining city set on a hill" or are we the fulfillment of Kruschev's prophecy?

Now let me ask you a more important question. Are you going to sit by and do nothing while our freedoms are decimated by a brazen and corrupt nexus of evil, or are you going to demand liberty through any means necessary?

Interesting article. Are we past the point of no return? Have we woken up and found ourselves slipping rapidly toward a Socialistic state?

The answer is YES.


Apparantly Kruschev also enjoyed measuring bodyfat in public speeches.


It started long before GWB.


Right....and evidence just in todays news that communism is what kids today think is the way to go.

It is Berkely though.


Given that Ezra Taft Benson was a Mormon Apostle at the time Kruschev made his prophecy, I'm guessing he thought he had more of a direct line to god than Kruschev did.


At least they're honest about it.

EDIT: How anybody can not see that there has been and is an organized concerted effort to erode the foundations of this country from the inside is completely beyond me.


Kruschev was an atheist, thanks for playing.


started when our politicians started saying " less government is best government" and "no new taxes" and legions of dweebs everywhere ate it up. And the whole time those politicians were making government bigger and creating more and more new taxes. Even worse was that those dweebs were played into think it was others who were creating more.

haha that looks balanced to me, that one kid has a "fun day at the yacht club" square

still surprised this is from 8th graders though. The last thing i was thinking about in 8th grade was politics, i was still listening to street punk : /


If America falls it is because it is following the same path as the doomed Soviet Union. Communism was a bust in Kruschev's country first. So even if it is slowly injected into this country, the Soviet brand of Communism was a failure. It is successful if injected with free market capitalism, as in China.

So, basically he was full of shit.


The real reason America will turn Communist is because of it's inept population. The Government people are always reflective of the population they came from. People want communism when they "can't make it" or have trouble making it in a capitalist system. They see communism as a way out and a way to a better life.

That is the founding psychology of the democratic party. Cater to the underclasses.

SO if america accepts communism little by little it is only reflective of the population becoming less and less capable, less and less inventive and certainly less educated and less intelligent.


I do not think that you will ever have communism exactly because of the reasons you describe above.

Communism would require self reliant able people who govern themselves.

In fact, in a state of communism governments where supposed to wither away.

I do not see that happening.

Some sort of collectivism, absolutely, communism, never.


So was Kruschev talking about pure Communism or what was called Communism in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, ect? ie A totalitarian government? If what you are saying represents pure communism, then no nation has it. And I doubt any will.


I doubt that Gregus meant "communism" according to what the Communists call "communism": the Communists' theoretical final stage for society. More likely, by "communism" he meant approximately what the Communists call "socialism" (which just about everybody else calls "communism").


Sure, and that is how you get a true communist.

If there is one thing they hate more than capitalism it is the use of state sanctioned violence in a "class struggle".

Unless they are criminally insane they are embarrassed that attempts to build their utopia usually are much worse.


Yes thank you. That's what i meant.

For true communism to work it will take us some time to evolve.