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Kroc Rows Hell Yes

I started doing kroc rows about 2 months ago and since then I’ve noticed I don’t have any major shoulder pain since then. Even when I have a big pressing day my shoulders and rotator cuffs don’t hurt AT ALL. Anybody else found this or just me?

Whenever I slack on my rowing movements my shoulders get messed up pretty quickly. With them, face pulls, and stretching/rolling, I’m usually totally pain free.

I haven’t been training too long, so take my opinion as a beginner’s.

I wouldnt say i am totally pain free in my shoulders, but i can say i have noticed less pain. I am not a Dr., and am not pretending to be able to explain why, but i am guessing that it has to do with increasing the strength in the back and aiding in the correction of posture that detiorates from a lot of pressing with an unequal amount of pulling.

I think of it like this:

chest < back = shoulder pain

chest = back = no shoulder pain

Love the Kroc Rows. Love the pull ups. So do my shoulder guts.

[quote]dwfox wrote:
I am not a Dr., and am not pretending to be able to explain why, [/quote]

I think it’s because when you are weaker at pulling than pushing, your humerus becomes internally rotated, meaning to push vertically overhead, you need to hyper-extend slightly further than when your strength is balanced and posture is neutral

Yeah, I took Wendler’s advice and started doing Kroc rows and they made a huge difference to both pain reduction and improving my lifts. My deadlift has benefitted the most, it seems.

Is it alright to put the dumbell down for a short 3 second break to re grip the DB and to catch your breath? Or should I not let go of the DB?

@Gym Savvy - thanks for the insight

@Vladamir - If you are regripping at 10 to get 3 more, you probably have too heavy of a dumbbell. If you are regripping at 25 to get 10 more, you probably have too light of a dumbbell. If you regrip around 20 and get 5 more, then get it done. I wouldnt totally release the dumbbell and stand up and shake it out, but if you gotta take a deep couple of breaths at the bottom, than do it to get the reps up.

I regripped at 13 and got to 20. I will not let go just take deep breaths at bottom next time and after that see if I need to lower the weight.