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Kroc Rows 225x25


note tht the only reason i am posting this is out of sheer morbid curiosity, as i want to see how many pinheads start criticizing the form on these...


Yeah he's strong but his form does suck balls.

And what's with the Manson playing in the background? I'm a huge MM fan, but even I'm SICK to DEATH of hearing "The Beautiful People" on a daily basis. That song officially died when WWE Smackdown used it as their opening credit song.


His form sucks. Sorry I had to say it as soon as I saw the title of the thread!

I will check out the video when I get home so I can ohh and ahh over it. I am sure it is impressive.


Kroc is awesome and I can already tell my blood pressure is going to sky rocket reading some of the comments. Just for note to anyone that feels the need to critique his form when they couldn't lift that off the ground once, with both arms...

Matt is a powerlifter training for powerlifting, those dumbbell rows as he's pointed out are done for the sole purpose of developing his lockout strength and grip in the dead lift. They are therefore the definition of fucntional, they fufill their function. He's not a bodybuilder, he's not training for some other sport than powerlifting so any talk of any of those things are highly irrelevant.

Ask yourself, did and does his form on those help his deadlift? If he did them with 150s real strict and slow would he have the same effect?


Maybe not what you'd call good form, but he must know what he's doing.

Also, I don't know about anyone else, but when I go too heavy I never feel any stimulation in my lats. It almost turns into a delt/rear delt and biceps exercise.


with weight that large, and by large i do not mean heavy, i mean the actual size of the weights, it looks like from end to end it is 2 and a half feet long, it is hard to keep perfect form. you can see he is trying to avoid hitting himself in his knees because the weight is so awkward.


I'll be watching this thread for sure!!


Maybe a super-heavy kettlebell would be less awkward?


And super-gayer.

Do they even make 225 lb kettleballs?


I don't know. Super gayer?

I just figured that a 225 lb kettlebell would be a less awkward way to row, than some freaking olympic bar sized dumbbell.


Note the vice grips on each end.


I did notice them. What's your point?


No point. He posted this a few months ago and I only noticed them when I looked it up to post it. Maybe the point is I'm dumb for not noticing.


Everything about that video is awesome.

What's wrong with is form? Really?

You might say there's too much swing. That keeping his shoulder in a fixed position would give him better muscle overload. You know what's actually gonna give you better overload: getting that 25th rep in. And hell, you could even argue that he's getting a bit of a pre-stretch out of it.

You might say that he's rotating his torso too much. I'm gonna have to give that a no. Look at how much the angle of his shoulders moves (very little) in comparison to the distance the dumbbell moves (a lot).

This video is just an example of what kind of form on dumbbell rows will give you the best results. I've seen people do perfect dumbbell rows with 45 pound dumbbells all the time. I've seen others do their dumbbell rows by making their elbows touch the sky and rotating their body because they think they're doing an oblique move. Whenever I've seen jacked people do dumbbell rows it looks like this.

Manson doesn't have that many good songs. Beautiful People is a good choice.


I do them like Kroc, that pre-stretch makes it harder.


But twisting your torso makes it a more compound movement and thats the way your body was designed to work. Duh.


Best part is when he drops the man-bell (note: the weight is too large for being a dumbbell) and the weights explode off the bar. Beastly. Metallica was played immediately after MM, but who really cares?


His form didn't look bad at all IMO. It's like doing push presses. You use some body english to allow you to use more weight and overload your muscles even more than you usually can.


For those that were wondering about the straps:


A funny thing that I have noticed is that the biggest and strongest guys I have ever worked out with all seem to lift with body English on mass exercises at least sometimes and often all the time.

Go figure.