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Kroc row question


Is there a certain weight you should be able to pull before you start kroc rows? I was just wondering because I started doing them and I was able to get 60 pounds for 20 reps. Would I be better off doing the traditional 4 sets of 8 reps for assistance until I can move up in weight?


No, keep doing them as you do them. Do them without straps also, your grip will become amazingly strong.


And they will make you awesome.


When interviewed about this he basically started doing high rep rows because he maxed out the weight at his gym. I would work on increasing the weight, you can still do higher rep like 10-12 or 15 but I don't think 20+ is necessary.


Make sure your form is good on your normal db rows before trying a more advanced technique like kroc rows.


I would say 60 is fine. I started at 70, and now I am up to around 100 for 30+ reps. This is one excercise I will not sub out. My back has gotten ridiculous since using these and my grip strength improved measurably. You will NOT have grip problems with deadlifts after you do these for a while.


This. Your grip increases freaky fast. Two months I ditched the straps and my deadlift was only 410 then. Two months later of doing kroc rows it shot up to 475. I started doing kroc rows with 70 pounds for about 30 reps and now just yesterday I did the 130 for 18 reps.


Wick progress dude. What other assistance exercises were you using? Whats you sticking point on the conventional dead? If you use it.


Well I had to ditch the straps cause I have a powertlifting meet in November. But when I was using straps I maxed out at 505. So the strength was already there. I just had to get my grip strength back up to my hip/back strength.