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Kriz's Strength and Run log

Alright so I finally decided to start logging my workouts and progress and stop lurking, also I love T-nation articles; thank you for having great articles and not mindless content. I’ve been executing something very similar to SS (I wasn’t doing the program) since May 18. Anyhow thanks for the read and good luck with your own goals! Feel free to offer advice if you have something to share.

Height/Weight: 234lbs/74 inches
BF% Between 22-25%

Current PRs Goal PRs
Squat 235 3x5 Squat 350 3x5
OHP 105 3x5 OHP 200 3x5
Bench 195 3x5 Bench 300 3x5
Deadlift 285 1x5 Deadlift 450 1x5
Chin ups- 6 Chin ups- 20
2-mile 15:30 2-mile 13:30
3-mile 27:30 3- Mile Sub 21:00

I try to emulate Alan thrall’s form for the lifts and all of my pull ups are from a dead hang.

The Plan:

Overall- Slow cut, with measurable strength gain, then normalize.
Short term: Finish noob gainz find an intermediate program.
May-Sep 2018: Run a marathon, then cut.
Oct 2018- Reevaluate goals and restart novice or intermediate program
The reasons:
I like getting faster, stronger, and healthier. Sex, self-respect, and being competitive.

The state of affairs

Diet: I don’t count calories but I try to stay away from sugars/artificial sweeteners while trying to get my complex carbohydrates and vegetables in. Of late I have been trying out 16-23 hour fasts 1-3 times a week, because they’re cheap.

Sleep: Mostly erratic, thanks to shift work and not maintaining discipline.

Supplements (when available)
1 daily vitamin, fish oil 300mg
Casein protein- at bed time or randomly
Whey- post workout
Creatine –post workout
BCAAs- Pre-workout, Intra-workout
Beta-alanine- Pre-workout and 1-2 times a day

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Love that guy. Welcome! Best wishes on your progress!

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Thank you! The log will keep me honest, I hope.

Update/ More information

Alright so we have a bench set up at work and a pull up bar, the barbell set up maxes out at 300lbs including the Olympic barbell. I have big family so this is a convenient arrangement, so I can lift at work. My lifting schedule is MWF or T-Th-Sat if I miss a lift. The way my schedule works out I lift at the gym twice a week on week A and once a week on week b, with the opposite for schedule for lifting at work.

Injury- I tweaked my back deadlifting in a hurry about 2 weeks a go; the acute phase lasted about 5 days and I have been careful not to lift like a dufus since (rushing, rounding the lower back), my lower back now hurts when I’m not lifting from time to time.

Missed workouts- I missed Friday’s workout completely thanks to events out of my control and I got a partial work out in Saturday.

Saturday’s Squat work:

Warm ups- 45lb bar X 1, 135 X 2, 185 x 3, 205 x1
Work sets- 225 X 5, 255 X 5, 225 X 5

I got greedy on my second set because I felt great. Upon execution of the set I felt like my lower portion of the squat was degenerating into a goodmorning so I backed off to 225 and felt like I had good form with those.

Monday’s workout

230 x 5 (reps) x 3 (sets)
Overhead press
110 x 4 (fail), 110 x 5 x 2
285 x 3, 285 x 1 x 2
Chin ups
4 x 3 at body weight

Notes: I tightened up my grip on 2nd/ 3rd sets of OHP: it helped, switched to single reps on the last two deadlifts.

Wednesday’s workout

230 x 5 x 3
Bench Press
205 x 5 x 3
295 x 2, 295 x 1 x 3,

No. 2

Bench press drop sets from 215 in 10lb increments

50m sprints x 4

Wrist roller at 25lbs and below w/ arms hanging; to take the front shoulders out of the work.

Notes- the 2nd workout was impromptu, I didn’t bring enough food and supplements to work :frowning:


Squat: 235 x 5 x 3
OHP: 115 x 3 x 2, 115 x 2
Deadlift: 255 x 5

Notes/ recap:

Beer and sickness hampered Friday’s work, or maybe me shoulders are just slow to adapt. I backed off on the deadlifts to give myself some easier work but maintain the movement pattern.

Alright so I was preemptively lazy today; I did Monday’s workout today. I also switched out the deadlift for the power clean. I video logged my form. I’m sure many power cleaning sins were committed, feel free to offer advice. My take away so far is to let go of the bar at the top, pull myself under the bar more, and stop jumping forward.

Power clean day 1

Sunday’s work

Squat 240lbs x 3 sets x 5 reps
DB bench 85lbs x 3 x 5
Power clean 105lbs x 3 x 5
Chin ups 3 x 3, 1 x 4

Tuesday’s workout

Squat 245 3 x5
OHP 115 x 5 x 1, 115 x 4 x1, 115 x3 x1
Deadlift 305 x2, 305 x 1 x 3

Sunday- Ran 2 miles
Monday- 6.2 miles
Tuesday- 2 miles


Squat 250 3 x 5
DB bench 85lbs 5 x 5
Power Clean 95lbs 3 x 5
Chin Ups 6,4, 3 x 2
Face pulls
Back extensions
Dips 3 x 4

Notes: I dropped down to 229 since I last logged my weight. Wasn’t feeling the deadlift so I power cleaned w/ low weight to work on my form. My squats were to depth but man they were rough.
I feel like the natural progression for me after novice gains will be the texas method followed by 5/3/1. I’m excited for my chin up progression as I’m seeing the numbers go up I’m slowly inching toward the weighted pull up zone.

Friday runs-
400m, 300, 200, 100, 50. Because sprints are anabolic.


Squat 225 3 x 5
OHP 85 3 x 5
Power Clean 85 3 x 5

I cleaned up my power clean by widening my grip, starting the second pull higher, and externally rotating my elbows. I watched Alan Thrall’s Power clean YouTube post which helped immensely, and the starting strength app is a great mid-workout reference tool, although its logging portion is wonky.
I’m sure my form still looks like ass, but I feel it’s sound enough to commence progressive overload.
Squatting sucked because I lifted on a recovery day, and I lifted lighter on the ohp to work on my barbell path; I have trouble leaning back effectively. I’ll probably lift somewhat light Monday as I am starting night shift: Oh Joy!

Monday’s work

400m- 01:23, 200m- :36, :44 , 100m, 50m

Squats 255 3 x5
OHP 115 3 x 5
Power cleans 0

notes: I like the false grip for the overhead press; I’ll stick with that for now. I almost passed out on a warm up set with the power cleans, then I went to a working set and almost passed out even more.

Friday’s work:
Squat 225 3 x 5
OHP 105 3 x 5
Power Clean 105 15 x 1

Program flip flopping-
In conjunction with my weight loss goal I’m adjusting my program because I can’t realistically expect to be fully recovered after a run day especially if I’m throwing twice a week fasting which means linear progression is unrealistic. I toyed with the idea of making my own program but I’ve decided to superimpose a starting strength variant over the 6/6/6 sprinting program.

Workout A

Workout B
Chin ups
Face pulls
Back extensions

Week 1 M-W-F,
Workout A-B-A
Week 2 M-W_F
Workout B-A-B

Monday’s 5 x 5, Wednesday’s Light, and Friday’s 3 x 5; adjust weight to accommodate form.

Once I hit a body weight I’m satisfied with, I’ll restart a novice program in earnest with out all of the sprints and the calorie deficit.


Sunday’s work
Bench 210lbs 3 x 5
Monday’s work
Squat 185 x 5, 195 x 5, 210 x 5, superset with 5, 5, 4 chin ups (failure), 1 assisted negative
DB press w/ 35s 3 x 5, superset with 3 x 5 dips (the last set was 3 + 2 reps)
Sprints 100m x 3
Monkey bars x 3, plus failure
Pushups 15 x 3

I’m not starting the 6/6/6 sprinting program until Sep 1 for scheduling simplicity. Until then I’m going to continue with compound exercises 3 times a week w/ low volume sprints. I was thinking about getting a captain’s of crush level 1 gripper, but at this point that’s unnecessarily specific. I found an Al Kavaldo article about doing arm hangs for grip strength which seems more applicable to me. I ripped a callus on my last set of monkey bars, it’s not really a setback because i’m “off” for a day or two.

Ego check
Haha, just as I’m getting a little more muscle and a little less fat I’m looking in the mirror and seeing that me shoulders are slightly rounded “perhaps that’s why I stalled on the presses so soon, says I”. That’s okay though, now that I’m cleaning up my diet some and prioritizing conditioning more (temporarily) I really don’t give a fuck that my numbers suck. Just work on form and hit goal 1 (stop being fat) before I hit goal 2 (focusing on strength).

Here’s what I plan to do for my posture

  1. Sit down less; I have a sedentary job
  2. (More) Face pulls
  3. work on the mind muscle connection w/ traps
  4. low-machismo presses

Wednesday’s workout
Squats 235lbs 5 x 5
OHP 120 x 3 x 3, 120 x 2

I felt pretty strong on the squats and the press. On the press I felt like I cleaned up my form some, so I gave 120 a shot. It was enlightening, definitely felt as though my triceps were failing before the rest of the movers. This makes me question whether my assumption that I have thoracic and scapular issues. I still plan on working on shoulder mobility and strengthening my traps.

My body weight is down to 226, I’m pretty confident that I’m losing weight the right way this time- lots o’ weights and sprints with a cleaner diet .

Thursday’s work
Bench press 215 3 x 5
Power Cleans 135 3 x 5
Chin ups x 9

It’s pretty motivating to see my numbers go up in the face of concurrent training. I haven’t pulled 9 chin ups at once in years; I feel like a kid in a candy store. The power cleans are a work in progress, but I had a lifting buddy today who was also working on his cleans so it was awesome.

Friday’s workout
400m- 01:18
200m- 35s, 38s
50m x 3

Squat 205lbs 3 x 5, superset with 3 chinups/set
OHP 85lbs 3 x5

Today’s Food
1 steak
1 sweet potato
1 regular potato
Hamburger Spaghetti w/ quinoa noodles
Spinach salad with egg whites plus oil and vinegar
A “u1up” smoothie mixed with milk, fiber, a banana, and ½ cup of greek yogurt
Green tea
1 scoop creatine
1 casein shake
300mg Fish oil x 2
4.5 Scoops amino energy
3 fig newtons

I woke up with a headache today, it finally cleared up after I went for a half mile stroll with a 30lb bag. I was trying to take it easy but get some work in; I have a physical fitness test on Monday.

My programming until next march:
Aug-27 through Oct 6th- The 6 week sprinting solution
Strength: Compounds 3x week with supersets
Push ups: “Grease the groove” 3-5 times week w/ tests on Sundays; continue until I stall. 100 reps/ 1 set goal
Oct 9- 15: Recovery week
October 16th- December 10th: The Chin-up project
Strength: Compounds 3x week with supersets
Push-ups: Continue progressive overload if necessary
Conditioning: Sprints 2-3 times/ week
December 10th-17th: Recovery Week
December 18th- March 18th 2018 “Get Strong” progressive calisthenics
March 19 2018- Starting Strength until linear progression fails

The Six week sprinting solution- John Romaniello
The Chin up project- Chris Shugart

Get Strong- Danny and Al Kavadlo
Starting Strength 3rd Edition- Mark Rippetoe

Workout- PM
Squats- 240 3 x 5
Bench-220 3 x 4 (failure across)
Deadlift-255 x 5
Chin ups- 4 x 6

I had a PT test in the AM which detracted from my lifts and sleep, that’s why my bench sucked.
Looking forward 2 shoulders on Wednesday.

Squats 185 5 x 5
Superset 3 chin ups/set
OHP 110 x 3, 4, 3
Deadlift 255 x 5

I was short on time today so I reduced weight, increased volume and cut the rest time down to a minute and a half or under for the squats. I also pushed the start date for the sprinting program to the right three days.

I got a partial workout saturday. Pulled my neck from sprinting or whatever friday, i might rethink doing sprints 6 days a week. that being said i’m off work for 20 days or so and going to a regular schedule so i’ll go from there with my core ideas. Dietarily I’m going into maintenance or surplus til i get back from vacay.