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kristo1979's Training Log


Decided to keep my training and nutrition log here. So this is the first time :slightly_smiling:

Age: 36
Sex: Male
Height: 177cm
Weight: 86,3kg
Country: Finland (Estonia originally)
Waist: 84cm
Biceps: 44,5cm
Forearm: 33,5cm
Neck: 43cm
Chest: 119cm
Thighs: 60cm
Calves: 38cm

So i started with a meal and trainging plan on the 29th of august 2015, weighing in at 88,1kg at a fat % of roughly 20+, dieted down 10,3 kg in less then 10 weeks, weighing 77,9 kg and since then i have changed both meal and training regime to mass building and have gained back up to 86,3kg at about 12% bf.

The plan is to go as far as i am satisfied with what is looking back at me from the mirror and i thinks it would be roughly about 90kg something with a decent bodyfat (max 10%)

Am eating currently about 4000+ kcal a day, 5 meals and roughly about 300-350 prots, about 150 fats and rest is carbs, mostly all coming from good sources and eating clean most of the time.

So ill post some pics of my progress and i have some videos from training as well :slightly_smiling:
Will be updating as i train.

Some personal bests in the gym:

Chest press 175kg x 1
Close grip chest press for triceps 150x3
Deadlift 180kg x 1
Squats 160kg x 1
Barbell biceps curls 60kg x 5
Triceps dips added weight 90kg x 6

The squats and deadlifts are weak i know, since i have problems with lower back and am trying to get those weights up step by step.

Am training about 4-5 times per week and have split it into 5 different days, consisting of chest, back, shoulders, legs, and arms.

So the first pic is the lowest i went on the diet, reaching 77,9 kg at a bf of around 9%

And this is the current pic taken on this monday :slightly_smiling:

Dips with 90kg added weight x 6

Just some warm up shadow boxing

A compilation of my workouts

enter link description here

Congratulations on the transformation. Awesome how as we get smaller we start adding more ink. I have done the same thing. Keep up the great work.

Thx :slightly_smiling:

Not really smaller though :slight_smile: on the first comparison yep, but on the second one all the measurements are a bit bigger and lot of the fat has fallen off and added about 5kg of muscle :slightly_smiling:

But yeah, had some inkwork done, probably will be more to come :smile:

Did arms today, close grip bench press for tris went from 150x5 to 160x4, so a little progress :slight_smile:

On machines upped the weight aswell :slight_smile: