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Krish's HighSchool Journey - Alpha Male

Age: 15
Born : Dec.31/93
Years Working out : 1.5
Height: 5’9
Weight: 160 (fluctuate often)

Lifting Stats:
Flat Barbell Bench 1rpm - 225
Standing Military Press 1rpm - 145
Squat - 250 below parallel 290 slightly above parallel
Deadlift- 350

Alright I’m Starting a Training log to track my training and lifts and hopefully get advice on how to continue on my goals.

Main ST goals :
Clean 205
Bench 255
Deadlift 405
Squat - 315 Digging Deep

Basically I’m Training for Track and Field In hopes of becoming a more explosive sprinter and better thrower at field event. Or I might try my luck at Rugby

I ’ ll start with my Fridays workout and Mondays workout

Friday May 29

  1. Db Flat Bench
    Warmup Sets 25 - 45 - 65 x 10
    Max Attempt 95s - 2 reps NEW PR!
    Normal 2 Sets 80s x 5 reps NEW PR!
    Lifts Blasted through the roof Went in with an animal mindset and instantly added pounds to my pr

  2. Partial Dips (weighted) 6inch rom
    Warmup Sets Bodyweight x 10 Reps
    Normal Sets 25lb x 6
    45lb x 6
    80lb x 3 Was going For 4 reps but just couldnt push it out

  3. Partial Bench (6inchs from chest than back down)
    155x6 2 sets - Felt good not much difficulty will up the weight next time

  4. Chest Flys
    40 x 8
    45 x 6 - Shoulder pain

Shoulders felt really bad did not warm up properly this was only excersize I did. It was the start of my Double block of my strength and conditioning class The earlier excersizes had proper warm up

Monday June 1st

Ahhh Legs Day =[

  1. Squats
    Warmup Sets - 95x10 , 135x10 ,
    Actual Sets - 185x8 , 235x6 - Was Very poor on depth looked like a quarter squat Definetly needs more attention

  2. Legs Press Supersetted with Calf press
    180 x 12 for 3 sets for each excersize - really focused on feeling the muscle mind connection

  3. Atg Squats
    Was already Warmed up so went straight to the sets
    135 x 10 x 2 sets

  4. 1 legged single squats (1 foot laying on bench and than squating with 1 leg)
    Held 10 pound dumbell each arm and did 2 sets of 10
    FIRST TIME DOING THIS EXCERSIZE felt really unstable but I can just imagine the gains I’ll get from this

  5. Hamstring Curl
    50x8 - 1 set

Stretched and Was done my leg workout. Overall an okay workout not great but Its legs atleast I’m doing it.

Tomorrow Is chest workout looking forward to it

Overall Comments - I’m doing pretty good but schools going to be over in 2 weeks and I ll have to sign up to an actual gym. I dropped in at World Gym And the place seems great so thats a real good choice.After my workouts I take my own home made shake which my own version of cell tech

its Gatorade power, creatine powder , my whey isolate 2 scoops 48g protein in a mixer bottle with really cold water. obviously its not as good as cell tech which i have never tried but i think its working well and doesnt taste bad.


My Stack is:

Mens Megamen Multivitamin
Fish oil pills
Whey isolate protein
Micronized Creatine

Tuesday June 2nd 09

Chest - Tri

  1. Dumbell press
    Warmup sets 25 - 45- 65 x 10
    Actual Set 80sx10 reps 80sx3 ( I Was suppose to do 2 sets of 6 but I lost count first set and zoned out which eventually took a toll on my second set )

  2. Dumbell chest flys
    Actual Sets - 45x8x2

  3. Negatives on Barbell bench
    Actual Set 185x6 - first time doing negatives felt awkward

  4. Tricep pushdown
    Actual Sets 150x8x2

  5. Overhead Tricep pull down
    Actual Sets 100x12 120x12

Cool Down

Teacher gave us our final project which is pretty simple create our own workout for the last week and half of school. Basic criteria such as not working same bodypart twice in a row etc.

Going To focus on my weak points Dumbell shoulder press and Squats involve alot of deep sqauts and single dumbell shoulder movements to strengthen up stabilizers.

Back/Bicep workout for tomorrow Pretty excited biceps are still a tiny bit sore from sundays workout and Going to try geting 3plates for a set of 5-6 on deadlifts !

Any sugestions on how I should make my workout will be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday June 3rd 09

Shoulders And Biceps

  1. Seated Incline Curls
    20x12 25x10 35x6

  2. Ez bar reverse forearm curls

  3. Cable Curls

  4. Hammer Curls
    25x12x1 40x8x1 45x6x1

Second workout later on in the day after school

  1. Cable Shoulder raise superset w/ cable lateral raise
    10x12x3 both excersizes

  2. Push press

  3. Dumbell upright Row
    20x12 25xx12x3

  4. 21s Barbell Curl

  5. Seated Rear Delt Fly
    10x10x2 15x12x1

  6. Incline Crunches
    20 reps 4kg ball

Really bad Workout. Just didnt go heavy enough wasn’t excited to do proper sets and weights and legs are still sore from monday workout so I ll leave deadlift until im fully ready

No Workout Today just played some Volleyball For strength class … All the guys were outraged it was hilarous

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Right now all the workouts that have been posted are not following a solid routine because its the last 2 weeks of our symestor and the teacher has given us a week to do whatever we please and than last week we are going to be testing and following a self made routine which he will have looked over.

Friday June 5/09


  1. flat dumbell press
    60x12x4 80x5x3

  2. Dumbell Chest Flys

That was the end of the workout basically there was “Grad kidnapping” going on so while we were working out all these seniors came dressed as girls and waved there skirts in our face during our workout and started taking pictures.

Second Block of strength class we did a run called the “coke run” not sure about the distance
I got a new pr of 8:57

Rest Day no workout

protein shake spilled in my backpack on friday =[

Video of me deadlifting 305 Second time trying the excersize back in october/08

I havent deadlifted as much as i should have since than its still at 340-350-ish I really want to get 405 by the time I finish grade 11 any tips ? and also form critiqe?

Sunday June 7/09

Rest Day going to take in lots of protein and Catch up on Rest.

Starting Tomorrow I will be following a self made routine and aslong as I can fit it in during the the time we have than I’ ll be okay. The workouts above are not what I would have done throughout the symestor instead our class followed programs given to us by our teacher. ie Max-0t and GVT

You need to get that hip down. You’re doing it all straight legged. In the beginning position you should look somewhat like this the number 4, though with your knees more forward.

Monday June 8th / 09


  1. Seated dumbell press
    20x12x1 35x10x1 50x6x1 60x2x1

  2. Cable rear // lateral raise

  3. Dumbell seated rear flys

will continue later edit it in after going golfing with dad

Tuesday June 9th /09

Lethal Leg day

1.Quarter squats (went below quarter by couple inches)

Warmup sets 45x10 135x10 185x10
Actual Set 255x5x1 305x5x1 305x1(regular squat)

  1. ATG squats
    Actual Set 135x10x3

  2. Hamstring curl

  3. Bench lunges

  4. Calf press


Notes - Didnt get to do the snatch ran out of time… Could of pushed out another set of 305 quarter squats.
Overall very intense workout will do 155 next time for atg squats. All of the lifts need lots more weight improvement.

Wednesday June 10 /09

really crappy workout did biceps and tri, was planning initially on chest but couldnt even get the 80s up so didnt go with it. maybe its because I worked biceps first block which is 50 min than after school I tryed going intense again? either way am not going to bother with the lifts

Thursday june 11 / Rest day played Hockey for strength class

Deadlifts tomorrow

Writing in for yesturdays workout

Friday June 12, 09

Back and biceps

  1. Traditional Deadlift
    135x10 185x8 235x6 325x3-used straps =[

  2. Close grip pullups
    8 reps 2 sets full range of motion

  3. close grip lat pull down

  4. Pulley row

  5. Ez bar standing curl

Saturday June 13 / 09

no workout rest day

Monday june 15th

Max day in class

  1. Barbell bench
    225x2 first one was by myself second one was assisted so basically 225x1

Monday June 16

Last day of school and last day of my school workouts which means no more morning workouts and more longer workouts at an actual gym

I ll be deloading for this week since its exam week and My priorities are in my education.

  1. tricep overhead extension

that was basically it. last day so people just took pictures and cleaned up the weightroom.

Damn dude, way to start early! I wish I started lifting at that age! You will be a beast by the time you hit 20 if you keep this up. Great work!

[quote]bob_sander87 wrote:
Damn dude, way to start early! I wish I started lifting at that age! You will be a beast by the time you hit 20 if you keep this up. Great work![/quote]

Thanks alot for the comment I appreciate it! glad someone saw my effort !

Friday june 19, 09


went to my future gym World Gym

few notes about the gym it rocks!! other than a bunch of kids my age of just stare at me… Just want to launch a dumbell towards there way.

They have a seperate area with 2 power racks and 20 pound chains sledgehammers medicine balls everything you need!

So basically i just did some legs half the workout because my partner wasnt feeling to good and didnt feel right working out and him just watching thats not cool.


  1. Squats

    95x12 115x10 135x8 185x8 225x7x2 205x8

  2. ATG squats
    115w/2chains = 155x8x3

  3. leg press super set with calf press
    90x10x20x1 180x10x20x3

Stretch out and drank my shake

the gym is awesome but theres all these kids that make direct eye contact with me its super annoying…

june 22/ 09 Monday


  1. Dumbell bench

  2. Tricep overhead extension

  3. Incline barbell press

  4. Shoulder circuit ( lateral raise / dumbell shoulder press / rear seated raise )

  5. Tricep pushdown

  6. Chest flys

  7. Shoulder shrugs