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Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil Capsules


Hi All,
I'm looking at different fish oil's (I usually take Flameout) and I came across krill oil. Its a bit cheaper and they boast the benefits are greater than fish oil.

Anyone have any opinions?


Krill oil is no longer recommended. I forget the reason, something about demand being too much and the quality is now poor.


I purchased krill oil at costco. I do not believe it is as effective at decreasing inflammation when compared to Flameout. I usually take 10 300mg of krill oil for it to be as effective as Flameout. If I take any less I feel that I do not recover as well after workouts and daily life when compared to taking 4-6 capsules of Flameout.

I still take it just so I can get a different source of Omega 3. Hope that helps.


There’s no real difference. Plus Flameout has more DHA/EPA than any other fish oil product I have ever seen, including prescription fish oils like Omacor.


The person who said that (supposedly) was Poliquin, and I bet he really meant:

“You guys should wait until my store carries it!”