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I was thumbing through my Muscle Fitness and I saw an ad for Kre-Alkalyn. Apparently it is a delivery mechanism for creatine. Has anyone heard of this stuff or tried it?

Dont believe in everything in magazinesi used to but that just got me to waste a lotta money for absolutley nothing but my friends trying some kre alkalyn soon as soon as his finger gets sewed back and healed from a lifting accident ill let you know his experience…

Yeah I don’t believe anything I read in magazines, let alone an advertisement for a product. That is why I ask you guys first =)

you’ll see a lot more ads for new stuff now that andro is banned. were lucky enough that regular micronized creatine works well. don’t waste your money on weird delivery systems and dextrose. If you want dextrose you can buy it for really cheap. laters pk

I think Cy wrote about this in his last column -


A good word of warning, when a company screws with the spelling, you better read the ingredients. Another is that it seems silly to screw with creatine formulas when they are already about as good as they can be. If they start throwing around words like precursor and substrate, save your money and buy some of the pure stuff, a box of cornstarch, and some flavoring. otherwise you will be buying the ad campaign, not the creatine.