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Kre Alkalyn vs Monohydrate?


alright ill keep this brief and simple, i took monohydrate for a while and i liked it and saw good gains even on the M-tech crap, for some reason however after i went through a few types i thought id experiment with kre alkalyn and have not seen much gains from it, admittedly ive still progressed but at a much slower pace.

im not a newbie by any means ive lifted since my 8th grade year and all through high school for football, and i just finished my freshman year at college so i dont have unreal expectations without hard work, that being said im still a little dissappointed with it any thoughts on kre alkalyn in general or monohydrate?


somebody? anybody?


well are you putting it in your socks?


creatine is made from sterods


fuckin cool


I like a higher quality monohydrate best. I feel it works better for me. It's also cheaper than the fancy stuff. Biotest's is cheap and of a high quality.



the only stuff better (debateable) than a good quality micronised monohydrate is pyruvate


nice avatart stronghold, you mean fancy sauce? anyway yeah i think im gonna go back to monohydrate and just stick with it, i appreciate guys