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Kre-Alkalyn, T-Bomb 2, and Jack3d?


Is it okay to take t-bomb and jack3d before a workout?.....will it have side effects if I mix the two? Im pretty sure this is a easy answer. I'm knowledgeable enough to go with my instinct. Just want to make sure though. And should I take the creatine everyday even though it stays in your system for 24 hrs?


Technically yes. I wouldn't take either of those.

I also wouldn't take kre-alkalyn, but yes you take creatine every day. It takes time for creatine to accumulate in your system. It's not like you take it once and your body is loaded with creatine and you're set.


Well instead of kre alkalyn what do you recommend? gaspari size on? and Ive taken jack3d before and superpump and noxplode and fierce all the bullshit. What pre workout do you take? im curious. The thing is I like preworkouts but I want something that is stronger without it having to be steroids, hgh, etc. I get tested. Ive taken a test booster before but just the cheap kind. IS t bomb 2 good? or should I try Alpha Male, etc?. I know I wrote a lot but its hard to get a straight answer from anyone because everyone is different and everyone has different opinions.


Try Biotest?


Youre best bet is to take all the money you spend on food and spend it on supplements with shiny labels. If you take everything the store has somethings gotta work. amirite guys?


First and foremost, the best way to maximize energy for workouts is through nutrition and sleep which are the the only way for your body to make real energy. I said REAL here because stimulants increase heartrate and alertness and thus perceived energy instead of real energy. Creatine actually does increase phosphocreatine stores which your body can use to create real energy, but food sources are probably more important... it's nerdy nitpicking

ANYWAY, creatine and caffeine are the two workout boosters you should start with. They are the most proven by both research and anecdote. Even better, they are the cheapest. Most commercial preworkout drinks rely on one or both of these to pack most of their punch.

For creatine, take 4-5 grams before and after workout. The best forms are creatine monohydrate (available from T-Nation) and creatine ethyl ester. You can try either or rotate both. Get the monohydrate in powdered form; it is tasteless in almost any drink. It may cause stomach problems if you don't take it with enough water. Creatine ethyl ester is nasty in water so get the pills. It is a little more expensive and there has been less research on it. It should cause less stomach problems in theory. I didn't have any problems with either. I prefer taking caffeine on occasion when I am feeling rundown and the boost will really benefit my workout, but the only real problem with taking it every time is building up a tolerance. I suppose other stimulants would be as beneficial, but I have no experience with them.

If you want to experiment with newer supplements and more exotic ingredients (note that the effects from these is much much less than creatine/caffeine), I would try beta alanine. It might give your skin the tingles which did happened to me. I hated it... some people don't mind it and some people love it. You could also try mental boosters. Find the thread about Brain Function boosters and they have a TON of different things in there you could mess around with. Alpha-GPC is one of the supps that has been discussed in there a couple times as a source of choline for your brain, but this is an area where I have much less experience and knowledge.

Maximizing testosterone naturally is much much less proven. If you are nutritionally deficient anywhere in your diet, then fixing that will up your natural test. You can try to get more monounsaturated fats in your diet, and that is supposed to help a little bit. Also, getting good rest will be good for your hormones. There are really no (non-hormonal) supplements that will raise your test significantly. Pro-hormones and steroids, both of which there are legal forms, can raise testosterone, but I take it from your post that type of supplement is out.


Squats and milk. Feel free to post again in a few years and tell us about your progress.


honestly everything that everyone said I knew already. I was just asking for your opinion. But I guess no one can even do that without being sarcastic. And no one even answered my question. Oh well I know what works for me.


OP = douche of the day


Shugart says milk is fattening.
So just squats and squats.


Squats and MAG-10 Pulse Fasts.


My opinion:

  1. SizeOn>Kre Alkalyn

  2. Jack3d is garbage. The mental focus your getting is from the (soon to be banned) 1,3 Dimethylalanine. Jack3d doesn't do anything in terms of helping your muscles recover/get stronger.

  3. Superpump 250 and NO-Xplode both use caffeine and l-arginine to give you a little "boost" and pump. Unfortunately l-arginine's half-life in the bloodstream isn't very long at all. Gaspari has recently put out Superpump MAX which uses l-citrulline, which is more potent than l-arginine.

  4. I'm almost done with my SP MAX. I feel the l-cit much more and for longer periods of time compared to the 250/no xplode formula. I have tried the new NO-Xplode Igniter shots and they are not bad. BSN's new endorush formula is amazing.

  5. T-Bomb 2 is not bad but not great. If you are looking for something to help that is NOT hormonal I would say NO Bomb or eNoxide.

  6. Give TRIBEX a shot. If your not getting any benefit from it, move on to Alpha Male.

Hey, you asked for it.


If you dont think that the significant boost in focus and energry from 1,3 Dimethylamylamine* improves strength then I have to question whether or not youve tried it.

Im not a stimulant person. I dont buy expensive supplements. But that stuff is legit as can be.

Stimulants absolutely improve strength. There are many studies done proving this.


Hey the OP knew all dis shit yo. Just answer the question which is better Superswole T Bombz or NitroXplodeyourdick to make me like superhulkfreakystrong, you know a preworkout supp like hGH but legal.


I went through about 3 containers of Jack3d. I really dug the energy and focus it gave me, but my strength increase was regular, i.e. I still went up either 1-2 reps or 5 lbs on any given exercise.

I said "Jack3d doesn't do anything in terms of helping your muscles recover/get stronger." meaning the lack of vasodilation during and post workout did not lead to an increased nutrient uptake. I didn't mean for during the actual workout, but like I've already said my strength gain was normal. The amount of 1,3D in Jack3d had about the same effect on me as a good cup of coffee. Have you taken 1,3D by itself, and if so, how strong of a dose?


Not by itself. But Ive used one of the products that I mentioned in my first post in this thread. 1 scoop instead of the 2-3 scoop serving size. I cant imagine using 3 scoops. I think its superior to jacked, based on reviews by people I know.

I wouldnt use a supplement with a vasodialator and caffeine. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor. Seems counter productive to me, or at least a waste of money.




Hey I appreciate your feedback


Haha I had a feeling that whole post was going to be a waste of time danget.

OP, you can try extenze, but only do it if you are mega serious. Seriously think about it, it can make your "special area" bigger and more pumped up. Your muscles get the same nitrous effect. Plus it has REAL test boosters in it.


Since none of the big guys have said it, I will on behalf of them, GTFO. If you don't want sarcastic answers and a little ribbing, learn to discover information on your own. But since you apparently know all, you already knew that right?