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Krav Maga?

I took a practice class last night and thought the instruction was pretty decent. Thinking about joining up.

Anyone else tried it? I am interested in self defense and general conditioning. If you took it, did you consider it applicable to actual real life situations? Did it improve your striking abilities considerably?

I’ve never taken it, but it’s got a great reputation. When I think self-defence, I think Krav Maga - not BJJ, JKD or Muay Thai.
From what I heard, people become proficient at self-defence in 6-12 months on Krav Maga. That’s quite a difference from a traditional style like Shotokan Karate, where it can take as many as 15-20 years to be proficient at self-defence.

Also, it’s the official martial art of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) - the 2nd or 3rd most powerful army in the world. Millions of soldiers can’t be wrong.

IMHO, a school is only as good as the instructor. And the instructor is only as good as the teachings he/she gives the students.

I truly believe if there WAS one martial art that was the “best” (which there IS NOT), it would be very possible to fuck it up due to a teachers incomplete knowledge or lack of teaching skills.

I would say to just go with your gut. The gut is never wrong…but it takes courage to listen to it. Don’t rationalize…just go with your gut instinct.

Ask yourself if this particular school is good. Is it what you want? What is your first answer…the most immediate answer that usually appears as a shuddering in the stomach is usually a “no”. If you don’t get that feeling, then do what you think is right…

Good luck

I took a seminar from a top guy from france (name escapes me).

It seemed to me that the basics form all general other defence orientated instruction was there. The big difference was in ethic and application, i.e. kick ass.

still think doing the MMA or BJJ and box gives best confidence. for me at least.

I’m currently taking Krav Maga, and I think it’s great. I’ve studied other martial arts before, and I feel that Krav Maga has much more practical, real-world application. You’ll learn how to end a fight very quickly. Plus, you learn how to defend against multiple attackers, assailants with guns and knifes, fighting from the ground, etc. I highly recommend it, however, the comment earlier in the thread about a school being only as good as it’s instructor was dead on.


Thanks for the suggestions. The school and instruction seems good, only 6 in a class and I can go as often as I want to a week.

I basically want something that I can learn quickly with real world application.

Personally from what I have seen, the gun/knife disarms aren’t really what they are cracked up to be. But otherwise the empty handed stuff seems good. But as was mentioned, if you got a good feeling from the place go for it. Have fun and take what you can from it that is useful.

A friend of mine switched from TKD to Krav Maga. He says that he wished he switched sooner. He told me that TKD was a joke compared to Krav Maga.

I have had no personal experience with either.

Good Luck

Krav Maga= Good.

Israeli army is probably THE best military. Only because they don’t just ‘run drills’ they get “practice” almost every damn day.

Can’t place it, but a SpecOps character had once mentioned that they ran drills in Israel to ‘scare’ them (kinda show off our ability), but when they saw their army work they were the one’s scared by the efficiency.

Kind of a testament to putting foot to ass as opposed to armchair quarterbacking.