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Krav Maga & Weight lifting program

Hi all! First of all, sorry about my bad english.

I have started to go on Krav Maga classes (3 times per week). Before that, i have trained judo (also 3 times per week) and i have weight lifting program.

Can someone please tell me what kind of weight workouts should i do now to improve my strenght, explosivity, endurance and power in krav maga? I don’t wannt to do anything by myself because i don’t wannt to do anything wrong that could make my goal harder to achieve.

Any suggestions are welcomed.
BTW, im 19 yo, and i have 70 kg. I’m ectomorph and i have my own diet with no suplements that works for me (7 kg in one year, pretty good genetics :o))

Thanks all!

Jus do ME work twice a week or ws4sb or bill stars offseason football 5x5 rippetoe 3x5 etc etc