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Kratos is an Absolute Beast!


Ok, so I'm a few years behind everyone here, so I didn't want to clutter the geekshit thread.

However, I've just yesterday completed God of War 1 and God of War 2 for the first time ever.

And there's no escaping the conclusion:

Kratos is the biggest badass the world has ever, ever, ever seen.

If GOW 3 is anything like the first two games, then I think my head will explode. GF got the third game for me for christmas so I'll be starting it over the next few days.

What can I expect? I hope they haven't toned his character (and his anger) down!

I mean ... he bulked like shit (using Pandora's creatinz admittedly) and then fucking killed Ares FFS. What a guy.


Hell yes!


Hell no, he's still the same son-of-a-bitch as before haha

The action and his attitude are orgasmic, it's hard for me to get through the game... :smiley:


I was hoping to hear this. Incidentally, the only game in which I actually had to pause the game and punch the sofa repeatedly because the adrenaline was getting too much for me.

I've heard that the graphics are something to behold. Playing the first two, I couldn't believe they were released in 2005/2007, the graphics were and art was up there with some of what comes out even today!


The graphics are 10 times better. Within the first 2 minutes of playing, you'll be blown away.

The kills are also more brutal. Half the time I just stare at the screen like "That's some G shit!" haha
There's one where he grabs a guy's head, and he kicks his body in the opposite direction, decapitating him. Wow.

I'm trying not to give too much away lol
Do you want to know a couple of the gods that he kills?


GoW III is epic. as. fuck.

'Nuff said, really.


Hahaha, I've never heard of decapitation via kicking the BODY!!! The game designers must have had so much fun creating this.

I think I'll wait to see which gods he kills! AGH! Can't believe I'm stuck at work on christmas eve while the game is sat on my bed, still unopened!


Good good! Keep hyping it for me. Its the closest a geek like me will get to foreplay.

Also, not nearly enough love on here for our man Kratos.


He's so badass he has to go into other games and kick their ass too because God's just don't give him a hard enough time.


LOL, "gods just don't give him a hard enough time"


I'll have to agree. God of War III is fucking awesome. Graphics on PS3 are fantastic.


God of War 3 is awesome, especially when you get to see Aphrodite playing with her girls.


The only thing better than God of war? God of war on drugs.


Shit, I accidentally declined to join them sigh
Life sucks at times.


Unless I missed something, the girls get to boot, and you get to watch them watching Kratos get it on with Aphrodite. They got nice tits, though.

I'd like to get jacked and go as Kratos for Halloween one of these years.


If a person's big/ripped enough, then I do believe that going to a party as Kratos would be the most awesome thing.