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Kratom Usage and TRT

Does anyone have any experience on the effects of using Kratom while being on TRT?

Google it I’m pretty sure it’s similar to the opiate and uses similar receptors. This is why folks use K to come off opiates and withdrawal. If so I can see it causing low t. Definitely google it I’m sure the internet has articled on it.

I’ve looked up a few things. Some saying it does, some saying it doesn’t affect testosterone. That’s why I decide to ask around to see if anyone on the forums had taken it while they were on TRT. I do know that I felt way worse before taking Kratom. Once I noticed that I could take small amounts of kratom to feel better I began to use it regularly, but still in small amounts. I am planning to quit once the TRT begins to tackle my fatigue, as I wont need the kratom anymore for that.

Kratom for sure messes around with T just like an opioids do.

Yah it will from my reading. Yournon Amal amounts brother.

What’s labs looking like. Get those and post. There’s some good guys here who can help you decipher if your docs not a specialist.

I’m on suboxone while on Trt btw. It Definitely messed with both my T levels and Thyroid. I had to fix both and I’m fine. The suboxone doesn’t cause any issues except the fact that it’s an opiate. Otherwise it’s night and day post trt and thyroid and I got on trt for exactly the same reason as you. To Find the energy and get over the fatigue suboxone was giving me.

my Labs Pre TRT:
417 Total T
4.5 Free T
20 E
I dont have my LH and FSH on me but that was 1 year ago. before starting TRT my levels were:
372 Total T
5.0 Free T
22 E

I wasn’t using kratom during my first tests. I was using during my second tests but I use as little as 7 grams a day and have been tapering the past month.
I see some forums with anecdotal accounts of people showing they had lower T since starting use but most controlled studies that I can find show no change in testosterone after a prolonged period of use (2 years minimum). I exepected it to show an effect on T. I do know opioids affects T levels 110%. I do suspect the Kratom may be the cause of the persistent fatigue. im tackling diet and exercise while tapering down on my kratom usage. you would think I could just drop it easily with only 7 grams a day but it has been difficult.

Thyroid and low t cause fatigue. Your levels are deadly low like mine were. I was 285 and 3.5. Thought it was the suboxone. Nope it was the thyroid and low t. 3 months later I am 100% feel fantastic and normal.

Thank the lord :slight_smile:

I remember you saying that in my fatigue thread, I actually wrote down to double check the thyroid tests my doctor took. He originally suspected thyroid or sleep apnea until my blood tests came back showing low T and Free T, but a perfect thyroid test. I dont know what type of test I’d was but is was before we began getting into detail with the T. I just completed my 4th week on TRT on Wednesday. Unfortunately I have not really experienced much as far as energy goes but I do have my libido back (got a date Saturday and my ex is trying to leave her bf for me so I know I subconsciously had something to do with all of this lol) I’m also wanting to workout more and also began meal prep the other day so I must be gaining back some motivation. Hopefully I will start feeling really good soon. I’m glad to hear you solved it man. I hate to think people spend years trying to figure out the problem.

We see this all the time. Keep in mind that a traditional sick care doctor saying the thyroid is normal is not promising. Unless you have a HRT specialist. Most docs who accept insurance work within the confines of lab ranges becuse they only get paid if you are out of range. If they are private they will prescribe more and focus on treatment and cures.

Private care docs would look at the free t3 and that is where you’ll find if thyroids healthy.