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Hah! That’s the goal so much appreciated.

Just put together my new bench and looking forward to using it today. This thing is so solid and has the widest back pad I’ve ever laid on.


2-board press
315 x 2
335 x 1
355 x 1
370 x 1

Dumbbell rows
115s x 8

Bench press
275 x 7

Super-set with dumbbell rows
115s x 12

Incline bench press
185 x 10, 10, 9 + immediately finish with 10 reps of incline dumbbell press with the 50s

Super-set with dumbbell rows
115s x 12
125s x 10, 10

A medley of light skullcrushers, decline chest flyes, and curls

370 press was a grind, glad I got the lockout. Eyeing a powerlifting meet in November so getting my body used to heavy singles.


Large bench are good but wouldnt large like this hinder your elbows when pressing?

I didn’t notice any problems with them using the bench. It’s wide enough but definitely not too wide.

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It helps that you’ve grown your back to easily outpace the width of the bench!


Absolutely, haha. The solution is to grow into the equipment!

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Dude, I don’t know if you’re subscribed, but your training log made the daily newsletter that T-Nation e-mails out. How awesome!


We love to highlight the training logs of real T Nation readers. Always on the lookout for more to feature in the Daily Dose newsletter. Tip for making the cut: lots of pics and vids.


Wow and nope, didn’t even know about that. Thanks for the heads-up, that’s really cool! It’s also a prompt for me to subscribe.

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Postponed my pull day yesterday and took an entire session to do some back rehab. 4 sets of 10 with 225 on the reverse hyper, mountain climbers, rounded-back extreme deficit stiff-legged deadlifts with a 50 lb kettlebell (I imagine spine expert Dr. Stuart McGill wouldn’t approve of this but it FEELS good and it’s too light and low in intensity to do any harm), and push/pull laps with the weighted sled. 10 minute jog afterwards.

It worked, my back felt better the next day, and I was able to deadlift 525x5 off a stack of 7 patio pavers. Had many more in the tank but called it there to evaluate post-workout how I felt due to the number of times I’ve pushed a movement with intense lumbar loading and felt fine during the session but by bedtime or the next morning my back would be killing me. This was a great trial session to getting my conventional deadlift back up, though.

Shrugged the loaded 525 bar 10 times after.

Loaded 10 plates on the reverse hyper after and did 50 lying leg curls and 50 leg extensions, then an 80-second plank.


Axle clean once and press: 110 lbs x 5
5 pull-ups
11 rounds in 8:30

20 total 50lb kettlebell strict presses, dropping them and cleaning back up every 5 reps

That happens to be same face I make when I run out of ground bison to make for work. Also it’s a milestone for my elbow recovery to be able to press the kettlebells again. Had to stop doing Dan John’s ABCs because of that. No longer feel pain if I’m a little careful pressing them.

Bw x 10
50 x 10, 10

10 Carter curls
52-second chin-up
30 bar curls

Felt that familiar sternum strain from going so deep on the dips, but I’m towing the line just right by not hammering them session after session and letting my chest recover. Never forgot that one time circa 2007 that excess dips made me unable to sneeze for a week (it kept catching in my chest so I’d gasp and then nothing would come out).


420 x 10
350 x 17, 18

Leg extensions
10 plates x 25
Super-set with leg curls
10 plates x 50

Backwards run up Heart Attack Hill:

Hanging leg raises x 20

Felt awful and nauseous from random anxiety and too much coffee in an effort to counter said anxiety and get me ready to train, which made me feel even worse. I took that personally and made it a competition to see which could inflict more misery on myself: life or me. I won. Now I feel even worse, which feels fantastic.


Congrats on the news letter and killer work outs.

Guess I need to get my butt into gear to keep up with you ahah

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I that first picture I thought you were balancing the swiss bar on your head whilst pressing the bells


@bigpappafrance Thanks, much appreciated! That was so cool to see and clued me in to subscribing since I didn’t know about the newsletter.

@simo74 It’s a weird set-up so I don’t blame you lol. I get creative from lacking a full power rack (which is on my agenda soon…). That’s where I do my neutral-grip pull-ups.


Block press (equivalent to 2-board press)
375 x 1

Bench press
275 x 8

Kroc rows
150 dumbbell x 20

Some of my grunting sounds similar to a hippo I saw during feeding time at the Portland zoo. I think his spirit must have enveloped and taken over me to get through that set.

Incline close-grip bench press
195 x 9, 8, 6 + drop-down to 135x8
Super-set with bilateral dumbbell rows
115s x 10, 10, 10

Chest flyes
35s x 3 x 10

Rear delt flyes
15s x 30 for different angles every 10 reps (tip from Jon Andersen)


You are crazy strong brother. Color me impressed!

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Great work PowPow “the Hippo” yeah I think that will stick :grinning:

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Thanks guys, appreciate it!

Pushed and pulled the sled last night with two 45 plates and two 50 lb kettlebells stacked on. About 5 minutes of total work. Then went on a 10 minute jog and practiced a shadowboxing footwork drill (lateral step jab + right cross as the back foot follows suit and lands, step opposite direction and repeat the strikes in reverse order, then transition into pivot hooks for all 4 angles).

This morning was awesome. Woke up 15 minutes before my alarm so after downing a protein shake I played a round of Street Fighter Alpha 3 as Akuma, then did 8 of Dan John’s ABCs with 50 lb kettlebells, and then had time to make 3 eggs with my usual morning weightgainer before heading to work.

Easing into ABCs very gradually due to my pissy elbow, but just being able to do a single rep is a huge improvement from earlier this year. There was a little pain today but as long as I didn’t rotate my wrists and kept the press portion with my palms facing each other, I could do them.


Did a 20 min lower-body session yesterday after work. No rest times.

225x10 on the reverse-hyper
150x20 front squats
10 Romanian deadlifts with 125lb dumbbells + 15 shrugs
100 swings with 50lb kettlebell
30 leg curls with 10 plates on the reverse-hyper
15 hanging leg raises
5 standing reps with the ab wheel

This morning: 70 total push-ups before work.

After 10 months, I badly need a break from eating so much. Haven’t taken any weightgainer today and am going to gradually reduce carbs and calories. If I decide to signup for a November powerlifting meet, I’ll eat up for it starting in October and I’m not planning on having lost much by then. Having done both, I’d much rather gain for a meet than cut to make weight.

This does table my Deep Water plans but that means I’ll have a program ready for me when I do a bulk again.