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@T3hPwnisher You definitely know that feeling man, haha. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your sparring and grappling summaries recently, and more than once I’ve gone further back in your training log to reread sparring accounts. Thanks for saying that. I’ve had chronic back issues since 2007. I even remember making a thread about it on T-Nation back then. I’ve always found ways to manage but never eradicate it. Sitting down was definitely a big pain trigger and investing in a high quality Herman Miller chair for my home computer helped a ton. I cycle between standing at work and sitting with a lumbar cushion, back massager, and hip supporter, so sitting at work is pretty comfy, but sometimes I’m driving a work vehicle that definitely causes back pain. Today I added a lumbar cushion to it for the first time and kicked myself afterwards for not doing it sooner, so I’m eager to see results from that. I was actually in a very minimal pain streak recently until jumping back into heavy deadlifts after reducing my deadlift frequency (funnily enough, in order to try and help with back pain) really did me in last week. I’ve also been wondering if I have an undiagnosed slipped disc or something and want to get it formally checked out for the first time ever this year.


Got to do more partner sparring in boxing yesterday, this time only with body shots. Something I need to be better about is to not reach far out for body hooks. Step in and slip to get in position.

Session ended with the coach giving everyone 50 punches to the body. When he got to me he commented, “Damn, hard as a rock.” I was acting like a lifter and doing the valsalva maneuver so he told me not to hold my breath.

Took this shot on Thursday night post-workout.


Looking phenomenal dude!


He looks like what he lifts!



@alex_uk Thanks brother!

@tlgains Much appreciated. I may not have the 19" arms I want, but I feel my overall thickness shows I spend time moving heavy weight.

Woke up at 8:30 on Saturday and went for a 40-minute fasted jog with a little bit of dry whey scooped in my mouth (for those curious, it clumps and forms a small protein candy ball). Started by jogging uphill for 3 rounds before continuing on flat ground. Very nice start to the morning.

No training the rest of the day, as I went to the San Francisco area to see a friend, but there was plenty of walking all day, starting with a beach hike at a WW2-era coastal artillery site. Reading up on the history, it also became a missile launch zone during the Cold War. Went to Chinatown afterwards and, per tradition, chatted with a store owner about Bruce Lee and bought a Bruce Lee shirt before dinner.


Bench press
315 x 1
335 x 1
345 x 1
Paused: 315 x 2
Notes: 345 went up easier than I was expecting.

Swiss bar bench press
225 x 8, 9, 8, 8, 8
Super-set with dumbbell rows
125s x 8, 9, 8, 8, 8

Dumbbell flye press
50s x 12
Notes: Saw a Christian Thibaudeau article about these and tried for fun. It’s basically a dumbbell press on the concentric and a chest flye on the eccentric. I enjoyed the movement, got a pump from just the one set.

Dumbbell curls with Fat Gripz
50s x 3 x 12

Afterwards, went on a 3-hour walk around town, starting with a hike (gotta love the proximity of the mountains and downtown to each other here). It was my cheat day and I tried to get a pizza slice before heading home, but the slices looked like they’d been sitting out for days so I just drank bone broth and eggs once I was back home instead. I think I’m going to continue that practice: yes, have your cheat day, your body handles the carbs well and you’re still losing weight with that ritual, but end the feasting a few hours before bed so you’re not going to sleep stuffed.

Great end to a great weekend.


no shit Sherlock. Looking proper hench mate

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