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Kosher Supplements

Do any of you know of any supplements with Kosher Certification? I was looking specifically for a protein powder (non soy based) with such certification, but have been unable to find any. Any ideas?

Not to sound like a putz, but could your Rabbi “bless it”? I can recall as a youngin, that my neighbor(Jewish) took me to the Synagogue so that the Rabbi could bless the food. If I recall correctly, it was around Passover, so I don’t know if that was a specific holiday ritual, or a standard practice. I grew up “Catholic,” and do remember Priests blessing baskets of food around Easter. Either way, it is worth a try. Keep us posted. -The Starkdog

Kosher has nothing to do with a Rabbi blessing food. It means that there is nothing in the food prohibited by the Bible (most of the laws of Kosher are in the book of Leviticus).

Trust me, your friend was not getting his food blessed by his Rabbi.

Well I 'm going to avoid the debate of the pertinence of kosher certification in this day and age and if the bait al din(sp?) is enough of an expert to determine safety and afficacy of manufacturing practices and skip to your answer. If you’d like to PM me, I will give you a link to a site where you can buy a kosher certified whey powder. I had to find this for one of my clients, so I had to provide a copy of the kosher certification.