Kosher Meats and Soy?

I need a little help from my Brothers and Sisters!

You have not tasted a “piece of Heaven” until you’ve eaten a Kosher Hot Dog! (Had my first one at an instructors house. You will NEVER call those red pieces of plastic in the grocery store Hot Dogs again once you’ve tasted one!)

I digress!

Well…I thought they would fit great with the “AD” and wanted to look at one of the popular brands by “Hebrew National”:

(I’m not naive…these aren’t made by a small Hasidic Sect in Israel. “Hebrew National” is a division of “ConAgra”).

Problem: They all seem to contain Hydrolyzed Soy!


  1. Is this another case of where its minimal amounts? (Soy SEEMS to be listed as the second major ingredient).

  2. Are you guys aware of any Kosher Hot Dogs made with just Beef, spices and water?

Anyway…any thoughts you guys have would be cool!



I assume that your concern is the isoflavone content of the oft-hated soybean. If so, I’d like to know whether hydrolyzed soy protein actually contains isoflavones (if so, is the amount not completely negligible?)

In the case of hydrolyzed whey protein, many more components from the raw materials are filtered out than with less refined whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. So maybe the thing to be concerned about is not whether the product is completely fleishig, but whether or not the concern of the soy simply amounts to bubkes.


P.S: In the spirit of things, make sure you load up on bagels and latkes for the carb days.


THANKS, Clean! You made my day!

Now…you could be right. Hydrolyzing the Soy could make the isoflavones a mute point, even if the Soy is the second most important ingredient of the Hot Dogs.

If so, then we’re good to go.

Any other thoughts and ideas?


Just a “BUMP” for any furthur insights!


Last “Bump” (I promise) HOPEFULLY for maybe Cy Willson???