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Korte 3x3


Hey so I was thinking about this program and was just wondering what anyone's thoughts were? I have read a few decent reviews but I am not sure. I definitely like high volume, but and weary at the thought of never going above 58% in an entire month...

Another question that I would really like answering... How many damn sets do you do? 5-8? Depending upon which I pick my monthly volume goes from like 250k-400k.... Huuuuuge difference!


Did you read the routine correctly?

High Volume Phase
Week 1:58%
Week 2:60%
Week 3:62%
Week 4:64%

"The training weights will be 58-64 percent of this projected maximum in phase I and 60-95 percent in phase II." http://www.deepsquatter.com/strength/archives/korte.htm

Do however many sets you feel you can handle. Experienced lifters have told me don't let the low percentages fool you.

I did a High Volume Phase a while ago. The 1st day I attempted 8 sets of 5 for the SQ and DL. I completed 8x5 for the SQ. I could not do 8 sets for the DL because my legs were fried. I did 5x5 of each exercise for the remainder of the week and the next 3 weeks.