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KorStrength & Waterbury Programs Progression


Starting off:

Height: 5-8
Weight: 210 lbs
Age: 31 Years Old

I am coming off of a Greyskull LP and feeling good, but I had some setbacks. Namely, a disc injury that has stopped my squat and DL progress in it’s tracks. Squat I hit 305x10 before the disc injury. Been seeing a chiro, made adjustments to my form and I’ve been green lit to return to DLs and squats. Going to get those back on track, but for now, I’m going to lowball both of them when I estimate my 1RMs.

Bench: 300
Squat: 330 (likely higher but conservative due to disc injury)
Deadlift: 330 (same principle as squat)

The first program I’m running through is the 46 day ABBH.

Today was session 1:

Superset (60 seconds between each movement)
Bench: 10x3 @ 240
BO Row: 10x3 @ 185

Might be able to go to 242.5 next week for 10x4. We’ll see the day of. This was an awesome session. Very happy with it and my body feels great.

Optional arm work (30 second rest between movements):
V-Bar Ext: 5x3 @ 88
DB Curl: 5x3 @ 45

Arm work is arm work. Not necessary, but I felt good and decided why the heck not?