Anyone happen to know the name of the Korn song with bagpipes as the intro?

Thanks in advance.

“let’s do this now”

shutes and ladders

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Let’s Do This Now

It’s up on Kazaa.


korn, that’s the nu metal band… They’re not bad actually, and I generally dislike nu-metal.

Thrash metal is king, followed by metalcore, hardcore, then melodic death metal, melodic black metal, stoner metal and finally death metal. The rest of the sub genres take a back seat for me

These two songs aren’t bad at all

Oh, and this one wasn’t bad either

But check this out

I spend like 4 hours per day + listening to music haha

I’m huge fan of Korn, I’ve seen them live many times!

There’s a South Park episode featuring korn

I know :slight_smile: They were even in one episode of “Monk” around year 05 or so.