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Konstantinovs: New Raw Record


There you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYDjt_OpqkM



Monster gym cup WPC RAW,Latvija Dobele 3.07.2010
985kg(2171lb) total 325+240+420kg 131kg(288lb) BW
All time world record in 140kg(308lb) was 979kg(2,160) Hugh Cassidy USA 1971


Andy's still got him.
Sick lift though.


^^^^ It's a raw total world record, not a deadlift record.


I know I was referring to just the deadlift.


It's an all-time record in the 308s without knee wraps; Jon Cole did 2363 in 1972 with wraps. Not that that makes Konstantinovs any less of a freak.


I believe he tied his record from 2009 if I'm not mistaken. That pull is also like 20lbs less than his best raw pull


Glad to see a raw, no wraps, belt, or strap deadlift.


Awesome lifting, I can't wait to see all of his lifts from this meet.

Surely a good sign of things to come in his next meets. I'm glad he doesn't appear to listen to all the Bolton v Konstantinovs bullshit online and does what he feels he needs to.

Didn't Efferding want to face off with him or something in a raw meet? Someone refresh my memory plz


His squat is looking a lot more comfortable and better.


In the last issue of power he says that all Andy has to do is take off the belt and they can see who is really the best deadlifter. He isn't planning in competing in Andy's deadlift challenge either


lol take off the belt


Yea, because that's what this thread was about...

I can't wait till you post a video and I get to post a reply video with someone lifting more than you.




Love seeing the monster deadlifts.


He's throwing the belt(gauntlet)DOWN!


With or without a belt thats a monstrous lift, but I dont think him not wearing a belt makes it any better. A belt is standard procedure in powerlifting , and yes even raw power lifting. Its like a baseball player saying. Yeah I stole a base without cleats. Really doesnt matter, imo.


There's Konstantinovs 939 pull in a full meet no belt. 727 squat, 551 bench on top of it.

I'd like to see what Andy gets out of a belt personally.


This x1000.


I was under the impression he was going to do Bolton's Challenge. So I thought it was relevant.
Had I known you guys would get so upset about it I would have never posted that. Sorry.
It was not my intention to take anything away from Konstantinov.