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Konstantinovs Again


This guy is crazy. Idk what he said but it was probably something like "Cant touch this"


Holy shit.


That is unreal. He makes that weight look easy. I love how he just nonchalantly talks at the end. Great stuff.


If there has to be another 1000 pounds deadlift anytime soon, I'm pretty sure he'll be the one to do it.


tits mcgee. the guy is fucking unreal. i wish he had a log somewhere because it seems like he pulls heavy, OFTEN. and is no worse for the wear.


He pulls up to 13 000 kg tonnage in one deadlift workout which usually lasts 3-4 hours.

BTW what he said before laughing is "that's how it goes!" and then "shit, I've torn my hand" :slightly_smiling:


Thy, what are they always screaming the vid?

I know this isn't it, but it sounds like "voskorus'

And I think it's fucking nuts how he lifts weights like that, then right after the set he's just fine and joking around. He is a fucking monster fuh sho


Whats more is that he can bench like crazy too!

This guy and Steve Efferding of SuperTraining are my two favorite raw lifters to follow! Seeing them go head to head at the same meet would be unreal.


Typically they scream "skorost'"("speed") and "zhostko" ("tight")
Apparently, pulling half a ton is easier when you are encouraged to lift it "for speed" :slightly_smiling:

What is more amazing is that he must have the longest range of motion in competitive bench ever! He uses minimum powerlifting "tricks" and freaking close grip with those long arms. Purely muscled bench press. In my book he is one of the strongest benchers although some fat powerlifter might move more weight through a couple inches and his ass in the air.

BTW, his 250 kg competition bench was very submaximal and super easy because he didn't want to waste much energy before deadlift !


Oh shit... fan boy alert.


Probably already been posted, but this is better.


Yes, I'm a big fan.

In case you're not familiar with the idiom "in my book" it means "in my opinion" which means that you shouldn't be hurt by my opinion.


I wonder if these all former Kroc fans that jumped that shark.


Former Kroc fans? What has he done to lose the respect of his fans, in your opinion?

Personally, I think KK and Kroc are both incredible lifters.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just re-read your post properly and get what you mean now.


i love the way he talks at the end


Is that even a coherent thought?


So when's he switching to MMA?


Thy if you know about more info on his training please do share with us.


Never gets old


dirka dirka

*I wonder if all these fanboys are just former Kroc fans that jumped the shark

Carry on Gentlemen.