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Konstantinovs 2217 lb Raw Total


Since no one else has posted it yet

727 lb Squat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-c1KjqBObI

551 lb Bench: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9qca-qK6UE (close grip!)

939 lb Deadlift: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh-ikyBAQr8 (beltless!)



His raw deadlift. Is that a world record? His geared deadlift is 947 pounds, and that right there is the world record for his weight class in the EQUIPPED division. 939 is pretty close to 947... It has to be a world record.


Bench and squat both looked easy.


That has to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest raw deadlift...


He is clearly a god among mere mortals. That deadlift was just freaking unreal. I thought the bar was going to snap. Truly freakin' awesome.


Bolton has done 947 in just a belt. That's still far and away the most impressive raw powerlifting total in years. The guy is built like a brick shit house, too. A throwback to the old days. I don't think anyone in the world could touch him in an Ironman meet.


Both the squat and ESPECIALLY the bench were easy.

Hes got way more in the tank.




absolutely amazing deadlift..


The deadlift is a WR and the total is closing in on one. The bench looked too easy and I think he can push the squat.

If he's after the biggest raw total he's going to get it.

Can't wait to see him geared up!


he probably wanted to save up for that massive deadlift.


Konstantinovs is also becoming one of my favorite lifters.

good to see a natural deadlifter k9cking ass in all 3 events.


Agreed. I think he was saving his energy for that deadlift.


Amazing lifts, especially considering how tall he is, and how narrow his grip was on the bench press.


that was amazing.


I'm amazed at how fast that bench was!


His bench looked insanely easy!


I think he could hit 2300. That would be astounding.


And he weighed what? 283? That man is a monster.

It was interesting to see him pull without a belt. Given his style of pulling, the belt should give him couple more pounds. By the way, I thought his easiest lift was the squat...


Lost in these lifts are the fact that the guy has an impressive physique(no homo) for a PLing competitor.