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Konstantinov 955kg(2105lb) Raw Total



illegal, he has been exposed to gamma radiation


One of my favorite powerlifters.


Fucking Brick Wall.


He went from huge to unreal.


To think he's coming back from an injury...


He should bulk up more. 300 is still pretty light for his height. A 400 lb KK could probably lift the fuckin universe.


At the 3rd attempt squat I thought he was going to bite the bar in half.

...and if that guy didn't give him three classic judo chops I'm sure he would have pulled 906lbs.


That growl he makes after he sniffs the ammonia and goes out for his 3rd bench is terrifying. Like something out of a demonic pit.


^^^ My reaction when I heard Rammstein playing.



I hope that deadlift strength comes back soon


x2 he hasn't had a really big pull in a while (for him). Can't wait to see 950.


Ive always been a fan, dude is awesome, the massive ROM he has on bench compared to most of the fat slobs that have to move the bar 3 inches while still benching more then most is so cool. I love the way he was jumping after doing the deadlift warmups too, guy has pretty weird form on them but is a pure deadlifting beast


I'd attribute his lifting style to his strong ass back. An asset I would definitely take advantage of if I had it.


Was he cutting the calluses off his palms? Why?


Cutting them off reduces the chance that they will rip off. If they rip off, they will take more layers of skin with them and bleed like crazy


This. I cut mine off with a razor blade when they get too thick.

KK's a monster. No doubt.


I believe he will get the world record total back.


It's not weird he arches his lower back and rounds his upper back. It's a way to reduce his ROM of the pull.


I use sandpaper wrapped around a thin dowel rod to wear them down.