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Konstantin Deadlift


I thought I'd post this link to an deadlift video. The amount of weight and the ease in which he does it is absolutely insane. Enjoy!



That is amazing, I want to be him. I have a LOT of years of hard training ahead of me though...


I know how this is gonna sound but here is my first thought.

Imagine how much better his lifts would be if his leges matched his upper body.


You are right in how that sounds, but I got your point. 1000 pound deads anyone?


Maybe his skinny legs are more of an advantage and less of a disadvantage. Leverages are everything in the deadlift, and with this guy, it seems like most of the deadlift is coming from his lower back anyway. And even then, the muscles in his legs getting the most loading would be his hamstrings.


I thought his hams were very big. But I also noticed his lower back must've been doing a lot of the work.

But who cares, he's not injured, and he pulled some amazing lifts. He even seems like a nice guy.


Almost every bigass conventional deadlift I've seen the back bows a little.

It happens. That's why you work to get a strong back so when you do bow under heavy weight it's muscles taking the strain, not bones and joints.


To me that looks like horrible spine destroying form.

Obviously it isn't cos he's pullling HUGE weight injury free.

So why is his form "good"?

I noticed his lower back is keep fairly straight and tight, but his upper back is very rounded (is this what the westside boys advise in pulling big weights? I think Dave Tate migh thave written an article where he describes this set up)


When someone's pulling 430kg I think it's safe to say that their legs at least match their upper body!


Check out where the spine flexes, though; it's rounding of the upper back. His lumbar spine is still technically in neutral; research has shown that elite lifters know how to avoid the most problematic 2-3 degrees of lumbar flexion. This actually isn't much different than my technique when I pull - with the exception of the fact that he's using 300 pounds more than me! :slightly_smiling:



hahha nice ending
---EC is this sorta like when strongman do the stones, keeping the lumbar region in neutral, but rounding the thoracic?


wow ! deadlift to happiness :slightly_smiling:


Does anyone else find it awesome that he competes with glasses on? Maybe I'm just generally ignorant of optically challenged PLers, but I figure most of them must either take off their glasses or use sports goggles.


whats more awsome is that it appears he's lifting in Blundstone-style work boots!
amazing lifts.


Nice lift, the matching purple socks are a nice touch:)


Helpful post Eric. I thought his back rounded too much, but I've never pulled that kind of weight, so I can't judge it well. Good to have your perspective.

That's one strong freaking dude.


Actually, I wear glasses and when I was competing, I always wore them. I'm so blind that if I didn't wear them, I wouldn't see the judges down signal.

I wear them all the time. If you get them adjusted right, they don't slide around and you don't really think about it.


I have had my contacts pop out of my eyes on max effort pulls. Glasses might be a better option for me as well.


Wich federation is he in? IPF? WPO?