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Komodo Dragon Meat


I've recently had incredible success eating komodo dragon meat to put on some mass. I have gained lots of motherfucking weight and I wondered if anyone else has had similar success with this meat.


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I've been eating Unicorn meat and some crocodile eggs...what about some pterodactyl testicles are they good in my post workout shake?


At least the site had one redeeming feature.....


this meat has got me jacked...wait...oh shit....


Farm raised komodo dragon meat or wild?


Farm raised komodo dragon meat or wild?


It has to be vegetarian-fed, enhanced with flax-seed meal, organic, free-range, cage-free Komodo dragon for the best effects.







Kosher and humanely killed




When I eat Komodo I'm bloated for weeks. A dietitian friend of mine told me if I had someone hold my butt cheeks closed while I jerked off this wouldn't happen. Does anyone know for a fact?

Food for thought: I was once dared to date a Komodo dragon for a week. I've been married to it now for 4 years and couldn't be happier.


you should eat her, then marry another and repeat.


Wild I guess, much more omega 3...


You guys think this is a joke, but if you'd think for a minute about what Komodo Dragon's eat, you'd realize that they are probably full of all sorts of unresearched powerful proteins.

From Wikipedia:
The Komodo dragon's diet is wide-ranging, and includes invertebrates, other reptiles (including smaller Komodo dragons), birds, bird eggs, small mammals, monkeys, wild boar, goats, deer, horses, and water buffalo. Young Komodos will eat insects, eggs, geckos, and small mammals. Occasionally they consume humans and human corpses, digging up bodies from shallow graves.

And look at this:

"The Gila monster, a ''cousin" to the Komodo dragon, has provided scientists with an important new protein. Biochemists found that protein in the Monster's saliva. It is now used as a treatment for Type 2 Diabetes."




Maybe this is what Anaconda will be. Reptile saliva isolate.