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Kombucha Itching

So I drank 2 servings of this within 4-5 hours yesterday. Almost my entire body was itching during the night. Kept getting up. Never drank this before. Sometimes am itchy in my ear during the week at night but this was most of my body.

I see the drink contains yeast. Same as in florastor probiotics I think.

Any experiences with this?

Kombucha is SUPER high in histamines, meaning it can yield an allergic-like reaction in some people. You could actually just be allergic to the drink, which happens, but it’s likely a case of histamine intolerance. Kombucha is fine, probiotics are sweet, and gut health is super important, but it’s not a miracle cure for anything and you may just not be able to drink it. If you’re curious, try 1 or even half of a serving next time and evaluate the symptoms.

Thanks I may try that too confirm.

I also just read this after reading your message Individuals with periods of high [estrogen] may have higher than normal histamine responses and high stress increases histamine levels and decreases the bodies ability to metabolize the histamine.

Perhaps since am on trt and may have a day here and there with higher e2.

I also remember eating an Asian salad for dinner the dressing had black seeds in them. Am thinking they are black sesame. And if am not mistaken I had a similar reaction another time.