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Kolyma's Training Questions

Hello, i would like to know even if the gym is still close -_-, it’s good to add some rope training in the last of a training ? and what can we gain with that, somethime, i see peoples training with rope, i never know for what, thank

Do you mean the battle rope?

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They won’t contribute significantly to hypertrophy/muscle growth, but they are nonetheless a good conditioning stimulus that won’t stress your joints much

Ok ok thank so it is maybe more useful for fighter…

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Iam late in my recrutement of my arms, when i do some barbell curl i don’t feel them so much, even with dumbell, i would like to know, if i do a lot of reps with light weight that can help me for “activate” my biceps, for “wake up” them, i dont know, my execution is good, i don’t cheat but i just feel them a little bit, so 100 reps can help maybe in the begining ? thank

Hey i feel that my Ass start to be bigger to much maybe, and iam 70 kilo, so that can look strange if that growth more faster than the rest of my body damnit, so, what i can do, stop back squat and do only front squat ? i also do stiff deadlift, but is really good for my hamstring,

i dtk if it is about genetic or because my legs a long, for me that dont look like crazy, that was in april (the picture), but two friend of my sister tell me this shit, now they make me some trouble in my head with that speech, for me it is in harmony with my leg or close, but when i wear a jean maybe the visual are different ***** i dont know, i dont wear fucking slim jean by the way

Your ass looks fine…

No homo

You may want to do some more hamstring work (like leg curls), and some calves, but I think you look pretty proportionate

ahaha ok thank bro, i was sure they say some shit because they never work their leg, for the moment i can only training in the house but if one day covid is over,i will training the leg with more exercices, i waiting some time to take new and pictures, i stop gym for 3 month before the fucking lockdown

for to be honest iam really lazy for calves, i dont find hills, and i was ok for training with hills spring, but work the calves in the gym is bored for me, because iam sure that is 90 % of genetics for calves, even if i can win 2 cm… i will really work them hard for only a little more bigger… useless a bit

I think calves are important, if not for anything else, they put good pep in your step.

In squats and dead lifts where it’s typical to plant and drive through the heels, you definitely get better leg drive and strength. But in regular motion calves play a huge role.

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Ok ok i will push myself to work them, i just have a barbell so one exercices and lot of reps sets in the end of each training barbell raise calf or dumbbell

I need also to know how work my shoulder, I can’t go to the gym, so i do a full body because ia better with what i have (weight/stuff )

Somethime i do 6 exercise ( a compound exercises and a isolation)

Somethime i train just 4 exercise chest back leg shoulders
In the end plank/abs always

It depend my motivation, energy and so on, if i do just 4 exercices i will do a lot of reps.

I train 3times by week and one day for triceps/biceps

I was thinking how to work my shoulder differently, i do just a military press barbell, but my shoulders are late recrutement… I just don’t want “do to much” if the sessions are to much longer a lost my motivation for the moment, can i do also a day for shoulder between my full body ? And Which exercise can i do in house for try to make good shoulders enough as i can in house, thank

Hi,can i do some stretching, just 20/30 s each position in the night exemple 4/5 hours after train and foam massage or it is better in a off day ?

I just heard, that in a off day ur muscles recover and is not so good to stretch them again, so idk, thank

Yes, nothing wrong with gentle stretching that day (or any day).


Consider looking at something like Agile 8 by Joe Defranco. Seems to get pretty solid reviews.

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Depends on how you stretch. Static or dynamic stretching wouldn’t eat into my recovery abilities. A full PNF-stretching session would.

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This one ?

I would like also realize the bridge, but my back is a little bit hyperlordosis, so I don’t know if i can or not, i will try to find a good sports physiotherapist for ask is i can and how i can fix it

Usually i do only statics stretching

Yep, the same guy also does an “agile 8” or “simple 6”. I couldn’t tell you what the benefits and drawbacks of each are.

I think they are likely to do far more to help you than static stretching
@j4gga2 would likely have a more complete answer there.

Maybe i can do but of them, i really want a "complete"protocols hehehe like that i will do this on my off day

Thanks, but seem to long for each part of body… Maybe it is just for the video i will check