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Koing: Where to Find a Club?


Hi Koing, I'm very interested in learning the olympic lifts, I have tried teaching myself, but I cant get technique down and im too scared to get under the bar when I try and snatch, I'm fine power snatching (I think, cant do much though)

I noticed your from England.

I looked on google and I cant really find anyewhere close enough for me to go and learn without using a ton of petrol. The closest place I can find is Wood Green and a few others around the London area. I live near Luton.

Do you know of any databases on the net that has a list of the national clubs and places where you can learn to olympic lift?



You can try here:



Thanks for the link. but that was my first port of call. I can only find stuff in pretty much a 30 mile radius, and it seems to just be more prominent clubs training people for the olympics.

looks like im going to have to just keep using the trial an error method!


There is a club in Wembly north London, that would be the closet one. There is a place in Oxford as well.



London Southeast is where its at bro :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, looks like I'm not in luck. I wouldnt mind driving into london, just havent got the funds!
I'm going uni next year and hear they have great sports facilities there so if I'm lucky they'll have a club there.


Yeah boy!

Where are you going to Uni?



My first choice is the University of East Anglia. They seem great all round for sports.

Failing that I have four other choices.



What will you study? Sport Science? St Mary has a really kitted out Oly gym and they have a coach down there that is a full Oly coach and ex International lifter, Kazeem. Brunel has a 3x Olympian, Mike Pearman.



Ah nice, thanks for that. I'm going to go on St Mary's website to order a prospectus and see if they do my course. Brunel will not accept my access course so thats off the cards. UEA is still a strong choice even if it don't do Oly lifting but it would be great to go to a uni where I could do it.

I'm going to study physiotherapy.


Aight. Both places are kitted out for Oly stuff but more importantly have coaches. There is also Loughborough but I haven't been down there myself or know of any Oly clubs there.

Oly stuff you need a coach or at least some person that is somewhat familar with the OLifts to be able to coach you.



Nice one. Cheers for the heads up about the Uni's and clubs.
Yea I certainly would need a coach. I tried doing some full cleans a few days ago at the gym and I know they were not too good. I'll stick to squats, deadlifts and presses to build a decent base of strength till I can find a coach.

Thanks again.


Mate, nothing to stop you doing bar work and putting on some weight. Get some videos up etc. It's just a lot slower without a coach on hand to to coach.

I was just pointing going to a Uni without an Oly coach is not ideal if circumstances are that you can choose to go to one with an Oly coach. Equipment is all cool, but the most important factor is the coach for a beginner.

I went to a Uni with no Oly place to lift! So I didn't lift much in 3yrs! Doh! I went to Uni 77kg with 100/120 totals after 2.5yrs of training After 3yrs I was lifting the same weights so zero gain but zero loss.



Thats a good idea. is that 100kg snatch and 120kg clean and jerk? if so that is still an impressive weight to move. especialy if you were learning by yourself.

I do have a video of me doing some overhead squats with some pathetic weight. my form is better now and I can use more weight.

I was doing these just to get more confident under the bar. Don't like the idea of dropping it on myself if i try and catch it in a full squat haha. But I found they have a great carry over to back squats and they're great fun to do.

So just doing empty bar work etc for a warm up and gradualy adding weight would be a good way to go? My gym would not be very happy if I dropped the bar.
I'll try and get some videos up.

Cheers mate.


No man, I had a coach when I first started. I've always had a coach so I was never self taught, yes thast 100kg Sn and 120kg CJ.

OHS looks good mate, really good form, hammer it out, no reason why you can't Sn the bar or do stuff in your garden mate.

Post videos and people will check it out.



Ah, my mistake. I read your post wrong. haha 100 kg deadlift is enough for me at the moment, let alone snatching it. They are some good numbers!

I spent pretty much the whole summer improving my mobility. I'll start practicing snatches and stuff in the garden in the garden

Thanks for the advice.


Yes hammer the Sn and the CJ in your garden :slight_smile:



Hi Koing. just wanted to say thanks again for the advice.

I was having a little "play" in the garden today. have finaly got my form down for cleans (I think, I'll post a video up sometime soon) and worked up the bones to do a full snatch and it was nowhere near as bad as I expected, I just need a wider bar.
so my starting weights are
60kg clean
40kg snatch
Not much at the moment but gonna keep trying to improve them


Nice mate.

Keep hammering the bar work, then lifting from the hang then full lifts. Add more weight as and when you can. Make things fast and snappy, NEVER SLOW.

I'd rather a lifter fail a lift fast then make a lift slowly/ muscled badly.

The weights will go up.