Kobe! (I hate him!)

Just kidding!

Man…23 years old!..one of the best in the world at what he does…3 championships (and counting!) in his chosen field…a millionaire…cute wife (he better watch those millions!)…does life get any better?

I think that where his life takes him is in his hands…any thoughts?

He has more potential than almost anyone in this world right now, but I can’t stand him. He radiates arrogance. I understand that it must be difficult to be as talented as he is at such a young age and handle it well, but that doesn’t seem like enough of an excuse to me. He plays dirty when necessary (evidenced by elbows thrown at face level of both Bibby and Webber in the same game - Bibby being 6’1’’ and Webber being 6’10’’ - ya think that was on purpose?). Even though I love to watch him dominate lesser teams, he really hasn’t proven that he’s any better without Shaq than a Vince Carter or Tracy McGrady. And the only thing clutch about him is that he can hit free throws in the fourth quarter. It was Shaq that got them through the Sacremento series (and the officials and Horry, but mainly Shaq). The best fourth quarter performance I’ve seen from him recently was the last game against the Nets, and it’s not like that game really mattered anyway. I’m really not impressed with his mental outlook on the game, even though he as been obscenely blessed with physical gifts. Enough to have the potential to be one of the greatest, but until he changes his attitude, he’ll never be one of the best.

Kobe DID NOT play dirty against Bibby. If you looked at the replay, BIBBY was the one who had Kobe GRABBED AROUND THE WAIST. Kobe was trying to break free of Bibby’s hold If he’s stupid enough to be the initiator, and play dirty, Bibby deserves to get an elbow.

I think Kobe is better than Jordan.

More power to him, I’d love to be in his shoes.

Striker, I am going to kindly ask you to take back that uh…fairy tale about Kobe being better than Jordan. Unless you meant to compare the 2 right now. If you meant that then sure the 23 yr old Bryant is better than 39 yr old Jordan, but before Jordan made his 2nd retirement I don’t think a comparison can be made. As far as hating him, hell no! He is young and very good at what he does and he should be able to enjoy the fruits of his genome and labor. As far as arrogance, well I’ve seen much smaller things puff up a person’s ego. I don’t keep track of every statement he makes off the court but I don’t care either. I honestly don’t know how easy it is to remain humble when lots of people(especially ones close to you whose opinions you value)constantly tell you how great you are.

lol :slight_smile: I still think he’s better, though, and it will show in time. A 23 year old Kobe is better than a 23 year old Jordan. Kobe’s game is so much more well rounded. Jordan at that age was a dunker and slasher. Kobe can do both of those, hit the 3, and post up (Jordan wasn’t running the high post until late in his career).

But Magic was better than BOTH of them.

I think a little arrogance is necessary for a player like that, it makes him unafraid to take the big shot.

About the Bibby thing, yes, Bibby was fouling Kobe, but that’s no reason for an elbow to the face. Earlier in the game I thought Webber was fouling Kobe when he had him wrapped up, but an elbow was thrown at face level to get away from Webber. Neither King attempted to hurt Kobe, but he tried to hurt them, or at least use the threat of violence to keep them away. Basketball should not be about violence. We have better sports for that. But what Kobe is missing compared to Jordan is his killer instinct. But Kobe’s young; he has time to develop that “extra thing” that Jordan had. He is definitely as physically talented as Jordan was at just about any age; that’s not a question. The only spark of real heart I saw from Kobe was in the San Antonio series. There was like 29 seconds left in the game, LA had the ball and down by 1. So they put the ball in Kobe’s hands. He quickly proceeds to dribble it off of his foot towards center court. (This is where I get off saying he’s not clutch, but wait.) Luckily, Fisher was there to recover, and he launched a shot. Time was running down, and LA needed to score. Fisher missed the shot, and Kobe went to get the rebound. The flash of emotion I saw from him on that rebound - him elevating like no other to get that rebound - and then making the shot is the first sign of any 4th quarter killer instinct that I’ve seen from him. Granted, it came from him screwing up in the first place, but you’ve gotta learn somehow. I just haven’t been too impressed with him finishing off the big games. But that’s too harsh, as he is only 23. Damn, I’m just jealous.

Kobe is not yet the player Micheal Jordan was. I do think that Kobe will one day be an equal or maybe better basketball player than MJ. I agree with whoever said he is lacking Jordan’s killer instinct. They were exactly right. As for Kobe being arrogant. He has the right to be. The guy is the best 2 guard in the game. I know he can’t be stopped and so does he. If you want to compare to MJ, Micheal could be a bit cocky on the court as well. My point is that’s part of basketball, all good players have a certain swagger about them. In the heat of the moment, you knock down a big basket, you have a hot ass wife to go home to, money out the ying-yang. That’s enough to make anyone want to celebrate a little bit.

I hate the Lakers and despise Kobe, Shaq, and even Rick Fox. All of these players are arrogant, and not the least bit respectable. If you look at the Sacramento Kings, they are the hardest working team out there. They had a better record than the Lakers during the regular season. I believe the Kings were robbed because of bad oficiating. Clearly, 90% of calls made were in the Lakers’ favor…

Nothing against Kobe or the Lakers, but if ya took Shaq off that team or put Kobe on any other team, he wouldn’t appear nearly as good.

Couple of things:

  1. Kobe ALREADY has the killer instinct, and has been using it since age 19. Remember, it was only a couple of years ago, he was being booed for taking shots and missing in clutch time. So he has the killer instinct. The only difference now is that he MAKES his shots.

  2. You put Kobe on another team, and he becomes a BETTER player, higher numbers, etc. Remember that Shaq is the #1 option on that team, and the offense goes through him. Let’s not also forget that Kobe is an All Defensive Player as well.

His body got messed up during the Sacremento series from the food poisioning, and Sacramento was damn lucky that happened. I mean the day after he got food poisoning, he had NO sleep, and was up all night puking. You could tell during the game he was fighting back puking the whole time. He didn’t recover from that until nearly the last game of the series.

  1. As for him elbowing Bibby, that is completely Bibby’s fault. Notice on the play, Kobe’s upper body (which wasn’t being held) is going one way, and his lower body (which WAS being held – by Bibby) was going the other way. If Bibby had never had held him, he would have not gotten the elbow. Look at Kobe’s eyes on that play and where they and his arms are going – towards the ball.

Oh and don’t blame the loss on the officials. Blame it on Sacramento for not having the composure to hit their free throws.

Maybe Bibby will remember that the next time he decides to trim his nails IN THE MIDDLE OF A PLAYOFF GAME.

I think Kobe is a great player, but also an overrated player. If Tracy McGrady, Paul Pierce, or Vince Carter was on the Lakers instead of Kobe, I believe they would be just as good. Shaq is the most valuable player on the team, not Kobe. Kobe just gets more attention because of his personality.

one thing that really pissed me off about kobe, even more so than his pathetic play in the finals, was the fact he is always wearing those damn sunglasses in his interviews and press conferences!!! no one else wears them, they respect those who watch to at least appear so though they care enough to not dress casually. its a small thing, but it still pissed me off

I still don’t buy that Kobe wasn’t at least trying to use the threat of violence against Bibby. Bibby was obviously fouling him (albeit that’s quite a normal play for the NBA, but that’s another issue) but there’s still no reason to bring an elbow across someone’s face. Maybe that’s why I’m not in the NBA, but I have never had to throw an elbow like that in a basketball game - there are other ways to get away from people. Just because the refs are absolute morons doesn’t give one the right to hurt someone else out there. I also don’t agree with the Kings being the “harderst working team”. They had a couple of players that really wanted that series and would do everything in their power to win it; everybody else stood around and hoped something would happen when it counted.