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Kobe Drops 81


Hopefully you guys got the opportunity to see history being made. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant dropped 81,
REPEAT 81 points on the Raptors. I'm not gonna say much because I'm still at a lose for words. They're repeating the game on FOX Sports West tomorrow afternoon


Were you also there when Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points against the Knicks (playing for the Philadelphia Warriors) in 1962?

That's when history was made! It's still the standing record.

81 isn't too shabby though :slightly_smiling:


Great effort but they won't make the playoffs with him taking every shot. Maybe he should work towards a team game so when they play better opponents they'll have a better chance of winning. I can't see him putting up 81 against the likes of San Antonio or Detroit.


good for my fantasy nba


Kobe is THE man!

Kobe does try to get the team involved. It's not Kobe's fault that his team mates are dime killers, especially Kwame. It seems that every time Kobe gets the ball to Kwame, he blows the shot!

I watch every Laker game, have since the Magic/Showtime years. Biased Laker fan for life!


Yeah but he aint no Patrick Ewing.

Knicks represent............Yeah I come from Brooklyn aka Australia.


Fucking gunner!


Amazing performance. Truly incredible.

He literally carried the team on his shoulders and led the team to victory.

Well done Kobe!

Oh, btw, Kobe is doing what needs to be done for the team to succeed. Look at the team for christ's sake, it's atrocious. It's easy to say Kobe needs to share the ball more, get his teammates involved more, blah blah blah... but when you're shooting the lights out and dominanting on offense (which unfortunately for the rest of the league is becoming more and more common), he'll hurt the team more by not shooting.


Wilt did it at Hersheypark Arena, right down the road from me.

Kobe is an incredible player but he is an ass.

The team is bad because his ego can't handle having another great player on the team. He has no one to blame but himself for the Lakers being weak.

Of course this is just the way he wants it. He already has his championships. Now he can just go for personal statistics.


Yeah, dude is insane. I like watching "team" basketball much more than going to see a couple of superstars shoot the lights out.

But Kobe is the exception to that right now.

I wonder how it feels to know that you're putting 20,000+ asses in the seats all by yourself.


I thought this was going to be about accusations.



(dave chappelle after 'shooting' the used franga into the waste paper basket)