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Kobe Case Update

I just recieved an update from “CNN” that Kobe’s accuser is “up in the air” as to whether or not she would pursue the case…

I DO NOT feel that a Woman’s sexual history should be pertinent in a CLEAR case of violent rape and assault. However, Kobe’s attorneys had argued (and won) THAT IN THIS CASE it was pertinent, because:

  1. Evidence suggested that she had sex before AND after her encounter with Kobe, and within a relatively short time frame.

  2. She had a stong history of bizzare “attention” seeking, in order to gain an ex-boyfriend’s attention.

  3. Kobe’s attorney’s had built a STRONG case for the consentual nature of their encounter.

Make no mistake…Kobe is still a dumbass for getting himself in this situation in the first place. However, without some recent Judicial rulings (as above) I think that he didn’t stand a chance in Hell in front of that small town Colorado jury…

(P.S. It ain’t over yet…)




Man, it’s a little late for her to be having second thoughts now, isn’t it? After all the shit she’s caused, she better have some good justification if she pulls out now.

He’s fucking lucky he’s got the money and the resourses that that money buys.

What he did still bites at the moral fabric of human decency, and I don’t think the general public will ever forget. The “accuser” obviously has issues, and hell, she may have even been heavily persuaded to file charges, but when it all comes down to it, Kobe decided to fraternize with the masses and got caught. Like Vincent Vega said to Jules about Tony Rocky-Horror, “he shoulda known fuckin’ better.” I ponder the future of the Accused and still contend that she’s going to be fucked up over this for a long time, and that just isn’t fair.


’ I don’t know if you guys ever saw this commercial. It had Kobe in kind-of black and white film showing his wedding ring and saying something like “See this it means hands off ladies” or something to that effect. So I never expected that Kobe would ever be in this kind of situation.

 I don't think we will ever really know what happened in that room. The defense will try to run a smear attack on the "accuser". And the prosecution will paint Kobe as a high paid athlete that feels he can do whatever he wants even as a woman is saying no.

 Like Mufasa said it's not over yet and anything can happen especially when being judged by a panel of jurors.

Even if Kobe is found innocent there will always be doubts in some peoples minds. So I hope the right decision is made either way.


i understand what the rape shield is for
but having sex within days after an alleged rape just does not happen. statisticly speaking women go months with out sex and it’s beacause of rape.
dont trust men, feel bad or responsible
or if it does happen it will be not normal beacause she’ll relieve the rape again. kobe lawyers did a good job
for this particular point. any other
sex history is moot and irrelevent.



I agree 100%!

Rape Shield laws most definitely have their place. Often times, a woman is not only sexually assaulted, but also tortured, and in the worst cases, murdered (or brought close to death). Emotional scars can run deep and long, with her past sexual history being moot.

IN THIS CASE, I think her past history became important because of a) the closeness of those encounters BEFORE and AFTER her encounter with Kobe and b) that history goes right to the heart of what is consentual and what is not.

There is no question that this young women has some serious issues…

It will be interesting how this all pans out…


I don’t think the sex BEFORE has much bearing at all, it’s the fact the she apparently had sex BETWEEN the alledged assault and the rape exam that blows this case apart. Who the fuck in their right mind would get raped, and then have sex again before going in for a rape exam?

I read last week some speculation that the main reason she was continuing with the case was that she would face prosecution and have to pay legal costs if it was determined that she was lying. Maybe the prosecutor has made a deal to let her just walk away.

on a side note, the people in Colorado for the most part hated Kobe, so much so that a Nuggets-Laker game had the highest ever attendance at the Pepsi Center. Here’s some irony to all of this, I heard tons of people talking about how cool it would have been to get Kobe on the Nuggs when he was toying around with all the teams in the league.

Hello… weren’t these all the same people who hated him just a few months ago? It’s almost as if Kobe pretended to be interested in coming to the Nuggs just to increase his popularity in Colorado (and maybe with Jurors). Which probably wasn’t a bad move on his part.