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Kobe Bryant's Training/Conditioning

I know many people r sick of the man. Hell, some of his b.s makes me scratch my head curse.

But I am wondering if anyone knows details of his strength and conditioning program? A couple of years ago there were commercials showing him squatting w/ chains, doing sprints, etc. Was he really lifting heavy like this? Does he now?

It appears that he is back on a program since the end of his legal troubles. The mass he had gained previous to the scandle was lost, court appearances and flying to and from games apparently having nixed the extra-basketball training. Now there is increased mass in his back, shoulders and arms.

Anyway, if anyone has any info, thanks in advance for it.

I think that, the season after he put on all of that muscle, he made a conscious decision to get leaner

Dan M

That’s interesting. Why do you believe that? Do you think he felt he could perform better on the court carrying less mass, maybe increasing his strength to weight ratio?

I know I often hear coaches debating the idea that “too much” mass can hinder a player especially at the 1, 2 and 3 spots.