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Kobe Bryant

Good guy gone bad?


Victim of money grubbing hoochie?



Your thoughts?

Well, it’s hard to say. Based on the stereo typical basketball player, we have been fooled with the good guy image. But, if in fact he is truly a good guy, then he is out of the norm. I honestly hope that he is innocent.

Still, his record has been severely tarnished as a result of this, even before the trial and outcome.


I don’t think he’s guilty, but I also don’t want him to be, so my opinion is useless. Most opinions will be useless until we know more of the facts, if they can ever be truly revealed, as probably only Kobe and the girl know the truth, and either of them could be blinded to that.

The only reason he’d ever need to rape somebody is for power/control reasons, which could easily be present in someone of his stature. But you’d think these guys (sports figures) could get all the prime ass they wanted, so there should be no reason to force themselves on somebody.

I heard there was a website with info/photos about the accuser. Anybody been there yet? I think it’s somewhat unfair that a rape allegation gets the accused person’s name in the media immediately (guilty or not), and the accuser is protected. There is good reasoning behind it, as it lets people come forward who probably wouldn’t if they were going to be made public, but it seems really unfair to the “innocent until proven guilty” accused people. I had a friend go through this, so I’m probably a little more understanding of the ones who get falsely accused (not saying that’s what’s happening here).


He publically admitted to having sex with the girl, with his wife at his side (SHE’S the saint in all this). I think the accuser is a money-huingry bitch, however.

i think hes guilty of being a stupid motherfucker. His wife is unbelievably beautiful and is standing by him through this. If he doesnt feel like a complete piece of shit, then he has no heart at all.

A rape conviction would really help out his street cred. He might want to look into pleaing. :slight_smile:

The girl’s lawyer has said all along that they are not after any money, and they just simply want a conviction. So what would be her motivation to accuse him if it didn’t really happen? Unless of course the family were just big Spurs fans hoping to put a damper on the Lakers run at the title.

If she was after the money than why would she take the chance to go for a conviction where he stands a chance at being not guilty; thus, ruining all chances of getting money in a civil trial afterwards.

I don’t want him to be guilty, but I don’t think his chances are looking too good.

The NBA … enuf said

I saw pics of her on the net. She’s not that good looking.

Josh, there can be other motivations besides money. Reputation, for one. What if one of her friends found out that she slept with him? Also, what sexual experience does she have? If this was her first time (doubt it, but possible), then I think we all know that people can freak out after their first time. Couple this with rumors of instability, and things don’t look too good for her either.

Maybe she felt guilty for doing it, and this rationalizes it for her. That happened to a friend of mine, in that a consensual act occurred, the other person decided they felt bad about it, then went for money as well, since it was in a hospital setting.

I guess the smear campaign has begun. The girl was mentally unstable, calm, not that good-looking, a money grabbing hootchie etc. Come on!

First off, the guy is a total moran to even get himself in that type of situation.

Second, why is her overdose such a big deal? I am willing to bet that there are many folks on this forum who have had similar thoughts and may or may not have acted on them. Does that mean that they are mentally unstable or we shouldn’t listen to them. What if Brock, Cy, Chris, or Coach Davies said they went through the same thing, would you think that everything they had told you in the past was wrong because they were “mentally unstable?”

Pure and simple, Kobe F’d up and now he has to pay the piper, and who really gives a rats ass if she is hot or not. If she was hot, is it then “justified” and if she is not hot, then she is a whore?

Could you tell I needed to vent a bit? As someone who has almost lost someone they value very much to an OD, I take the OD issue on a pesonal level.


Just wanted to point out that even an acquittal would not prevent her from later seeking money damages from Kobe in a civil trial. Remember O.J.? He was found not guilty but was still held liable in the wrongful death suit that followed. The reason being that there are different standards of proof applied in civil and criminal trials.

As far as his guilt, I heard an interview with one of her friends on the radio this morning and apparently he said that she has some pretty serious physical marks on her. I think the way he put it was that if it was consensual it was some of the roughest consensual sex he’d ever seen. For what that’s worth.

My instincts would ususally be to say that the girl’s making it up but for some reason I think that it might not be the case here. I got nothing to base that on though.

And Goldberg you’re right – what a dumbass for cheating on that hottie of a wife. Like stupid ass Hugh Grant getting a bj from some whore when he’s married to Elizabeth Hurley. What are these people thinking?

Could be bad guy got caught.

Who knows?


what? did someone say a trial resulting in no conviction would mean that she couldn’t get money in a civil trial?
remember o.j. simpson?

He’s pretty stupid! I find it hard to believe that he forced himself on her though. I just don’t see it. He can get ass anytime he wants. I highly doubt he is THAT stupid to rape someone and think he would get away with it, especially considering the fact that he is such a high profile athlete. He admitted to consensual sex out of wedlock, hence he will now be labeled as a scumbag. Actually a STUPID scumbag. But there is no way he raped her. He has everything to lose and the “victim” has everything to gain. The girl is just a money hungry beeeotch and wants the attention.

This whole situation doesnt look well but the only way we can get a clear sense of this case is to get all of the facts first which someone mentioned earlier. I’m praying for Kobe but the decision he made wasn’t smart at all. I dont think he realized the impact of his decision because he said in a statement that this matter is between him, his wife, and his god. This is true but other people are affected also like his team,teammates, friends, the NBA, and most importantly his family. Everybody seems to think how Kobe could do such a thing but it happened. Sexual temptation is one of the most hardest things to reject and in my opinion it’s even harder for man because we are exposed to more things in society than women are. Kobe got at the right time in which I believe he was thinking with the wrong head and before you know it he’s arrested. When you guys think of what happened think of the women you have lusted after and you can almost triple to how many women Kobe has seen. I hope the truth is revealed and I’ll continue to pray for everyone in this situation.

Why is the tone in this tread so different to the tone in the coervic? thread?