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Hey, I’m new to this forum and I was just wondering where youre a chef at? What is your culinary and nutrition background?

I went to Western Culinary in Portland Or. I am currently working my way up the ladder at the Heathman Restaurant in Portland, under the direction of Chef Philipe Boulot, 2001 James Beard award winner for "Best Chef Northwest. The style there is French/Northwest. My mom is Japanese, and used to teach Japanese cooking, so I have a good handle on that type of cooking as well as Chinese and some Korean. I also like to dabble in South American and Spanish as well. As far as nutrition, I have learned most of it here, studying on my own, and by preparing meals for my grilfriend Patricia, as she is a body builder.

What is your background?

I forgot to add that I am currently the breakfast /lunch broiler cook. I have never cooked breakfast, and wanted the experience.

I’m currently lead chef at Beverlee’s fine dining restaurant at a Harrah’s Casino, working my way back up the ladder to executive chef. We’re an American Contemporary w/ French Accent. I specialize in Italian cooking and traditional French sauces. I started culinary school 5 years ago however I didn’t finish. Ive been an executive chef and executive sous chef for 3 years now. I’m using my culinary background to pay the bills while i finish my dual degree in Culinology and dietetics. I’m a certified sports nutritionists, personal trainer and strength coach. I also volunteer for Huskerpower at University Nebraska Lincoln as a volunteer strength coach, and I’m part of Renegadetraining as a mentor strength coach to Coach Davies.

I forgot to ask what you thought of Le Cordon Bleu at Western? I’m thinking about finishing up at Scottsdale.

Just wondering, was “grilfriend” supposed to be “grillfriend” or “girlfriend?” Typo or not, it made a great pun:)

It changed to Le Cordon bleu after I graduated. It is the same program, they just charge 25 grand instead of 15.We get alot of interns from there, and they are no better or worse than when it was plain old WCI.That being said, they are also as good as people from the CIA or New England.If you have the money and want a solid foundation, it’s a good program.

Your work at the Heathman?!?! Badass!!! That’s so ridiculously cool I can’t even describe it. I’m a definite food enthusiast (who can’t cook much himself, but appreciates those who do). Between you and Patricia, I can see how you guys found eachother. Are you two for real or what? Sheesh. :slight_smile:

We truly exist, we even have a few forum members who can testify as to our existence. If you are ever in Portland stop in for breakfast or lunch. Where are you at in Eastern Oregon?

Ko, what do you think of Ming Tsai?

Yes, I have also heard Forum rumors that the fabled Ko & Patricia actually do exist. Regarding my location, there may have been some confusion. I come from Eastern Oregon (Hermiston), but I currently live in Corvallis, as I’m finishing up my last year at Oregon State. Regarding stopping in, I see that to be a virtual certainty within the next couple weeks. I’ve been to the Heathman once before for dinner and had a wonderful (and tasty) time. These days I’m in Portland most every weekend, although as of late I keep getting suckered into going out for Thai, usually to Typhoon. (Of course, Beau, Orchid and Lam Thong aren’t too shabby either.)

You’ll have to give us a heads up when you’re in town. And, as I type this, Ko is in Corvallis RIGHT now. He’ll be there until about 2pm today.

BS: Ming Tsai! Methinks you've opened up a can of worms with that one question. Personally, I'm a "Iron Chef" gal. And I can't stand that "Naked Chef" - eeeeuuuwww. It's just nice that I have my own "Iron Chef" at home :-))))

I am from Corvallis, in fact I am here right now (I gotta head back up to Portland in a few). I come down every other week or so to help my mom out around the farm.Might have to grab a beer some time.

I am not a big fan of fusion cooking. He obviously has very strong culinary background and you don’t get to where he is by being a hack. I like it when he sticks to more traditional Chinese dishes, and have picked up a few tips from his show and cookbooks.

Wow, this is just getting eerie now. :slight_smile: Yes, I believe we’re definately going to have to touch bases sometime. My next two weekends are tied up a bit as I’m going rafting/kayaking. Perhaps more importantly I’m sticking to the diet right now, attempting to shed a few pounds I picked up over in Germany this summer. All they eat over there is bread! Well, that and the ever-so-tasty and infamous ‘liquid bread’. But yeah, I’m definately down, just give me some time to work this ‘excess’ off. :wink:

Duh, I forgot to ask… what type of farm? My fam raises potatoes back home, in addition to other crops for rotational purposes. (Corn, onions, ground occasionally rented out to garlic and flower growers, etc, etc.)

Cool, a thread of chefs. I am Chef de Cuisine at a 3 star restaurant out in here in Chicago. Our food is based on global blending. very cutting edge, cooler than over done Asian/French fusion. I have a 2 year degree in Culinary arts/Rest. management. I am saving up to get my Bacholers in Exercise science and Dietetics. Good luck on your goals.

Who is the Naked Chef?

Ko: I’m a big fan of Fusion cooking. Asia de Cuba in NYC is da bomb. I’ve also been to Ming Tsai’s restaurant in Wellesly, Mass. Got to meet the man himself. Just wondering as a chef, what you thought about him.

Patricia: Why can of worms? I don’t understand. I don’t have cable so I don’t get to see the cooking shows. But I’ve seem some Iron Chef shows though. The Japanese one and the American one - with William Shatner (yuck!). Who made him the authority on food?

My wife is a big Iron Chef fan, too. We live in the DC area. For our 15th anniversary, we went to Philadelphia and ate at Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant (“Morimoto,” naturally.) We ate at a late seating; Morimoto came out and chatted up the diners. We had a nice conversation with him – in addition to being a great chef (the food was indescribably good), he seems to be a really nice person. Even the palate-cleanser was astonishing – lemon-wasabi sorbet is nothing like you might imagine; wasabi tiramisu sounds a little strange, but dessert was astounding. Somehow, he gets fish that is far better than any Japanese restaurant I have ever been to in this country – the fatty tuna was beyond belief. I guess that I’m a fan, too. :slight_smile:

BS: Iron Chef America - “bad,bad,bad!” (said in my best faux Chinese accent). Ko can best describe The Naked Chef (who’s a young Brit dude). I meant “can of worms” cuz I really thought Ko would be less “diplomatic” in his response. I should have known “the master of the one word response” would keep the answer simple. But I’ve SEEN him shake his head (like, in dissapointment), during a Ming Tsai show.

Porkchop: I'm jealous. Would love to eat at Morimoto's. You do know he has a website? I should find it and post it for you later.